pay artists

HI // this page outlines how to directly buy/sell releases, primarily through privately-distributed bandcamp codes. direct pay = check out the release on bandcamp, but send the money directly to the musician through venmo, paypal, etc.

to find musicians accepting direct pay, scroll down &/or look for blue links on the full BANDCAMP (& more!) ROUNDUP. to add your direct pay info to the roundup, send 1) artist name, 2) release name, 3) price (range), 4) link(s), 5) “Direct Pay:” with payment info via the submit page.


when a person buys music through bandcamp (or even yr standard website!), the musician doesn’t get all of that money. often BC takes a cut; nearly all the time, there are credit card or paypal processing fees. instead of buying a bandcamp code from bandcamp, buy a bandcamp code (or whatever!) from the person who made the musix… the way we could BACK WHEN THERE WERE SHOWS </3.


in note with payment, purchaser should include 1) exactly what release they want, i.e. name of album, & 2) email address where they’d like to receive the code or digital download. (anyone buying physical merch should first contact the person through their website / dms to get info on shipping; it’s probably gonna be easier for them if you just buy that stuff through BC.)

the person who gets that payment will then send a digital download code & the URL for redeeming it to the provided email––possibly by doing the thing like to do, which is sending a screenshot of the code itself:

(brandon never uses codes i give him, so whoever tries first can prolly redeem that, lol)

if you send money without info, it will be assumed to be a donation; if it is, i recommend writing something like “support” or “cuz you’re a babe” to avoid confusion.

EXAMPLE, using dasychira bc that’s whose info i have up rn lol: if you want a digital download for xDream, then send $10 through paypal with the note, “bandcamp // xdream” they will then send a digital download code to your email, along w/ the URL for redeeming it (in this case,


click your profile image on the upper right –> tools –> track/album codes. you have a limited number of album codes based on your sales, & can only download in batches of 100––e.g., if you have 5 albums & 300 codes, then you can only generate codes for 3 of the 5 albums. be sure to only submit direct pay info for a release if you have already generated, & have a sufficient number of, album codes; contact me if you are low on or run out of codes; immediately refund money if you receive payment for a code you no longer have.

please double-check your payment info/links; i make mistakes!


look for them on bandcamp roundup; ***only*** releases w/ blue payment info next to them = good for direct pay.

Bentley Anderson
Nat Baldwin

Deli Girls
gabby fluke-mogul
Alec Goldfarb
Kwamii (Kwami Winfield)
M. Lamar
Matteo Liberatore

Brandon Lopez
Parasite Nurse
NYC Noise (fundraisers)

Trevorshaus (fundraiser)