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• 7pm: NYC NOISE PRESENTS: Crazy Doberman, Laura Cocks & Weston Olencki: Music for Two Flutes with More Than Two Flutes (ft. Madison Greenstone, Leo Chang, Yuma Uesaka, Ka Baird), Big Scary Indian, Mark Morgan (fb) @ trans-pecos (all ages), 9-15 wyckoff ave, ridgewood, queens

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is by the M & L trains; write to me or w/ any questions about accessibility! there's a single step into the venue, but there's a ramp we can grab in a jiffy; bathroom behind stage is wheelchair accessible. there are a couple steps from the venue to the backyard, but access can be arranged from the street (around the block, sorry!!).


Music for Two Flutes with More Than Two Flutes

Laura Cocks (they/she, @_aura_ocks) is a flutist with “febrile instrumental prowess” (The New York Times), who works in a wide array of environments as a performer of experimental music, and finds their roots in practices that center corporeal listening, expansive community, and ever-unfurling intimacies. Laura is the flutist in TAK ensemble & performs regularly as a soloist, an improvisor, and with ensembles such as Talea Ensemble, International Contemporary Ensemble, Wet Ink Ensemble, and many others. They can be heard on labels such as ECM, Denovali Records, TAK editions, Tripticks Tapes, Carrier Records, Chambray Records, Orange Mountain Music, Amplify, Winspear, Supertrain, Gold Bolus, Centaur Records, Sideband Records, and many others. Their recent solo album, field anatomies, was released on Carrier Records in 2022. //

Weston Olencki (they/them, @wolencki) is a composer/improviser/weirdo from South Carolina, most recently living in Vermont. Various recording projects of theirs have been released by HatHut, Sound American, Carrier, New Amsterdam, Clean Feed, Dinzu Artefacts, SUPERPANG, Notice, Tripticks Tapes, Creative Sources, Out of Your Head, and their first solo brass release SOLO WORKS, which featured on Bandcamp Daily’s Best Experimental Music of 2020. They are an active member of RAGE THORMBONES, Ensemble Pamplemousse, the Wet Ink Large Ensemble, and perform regularly as a soloist and ensemble member on low brass instruments, handbuilt contraptions, and various electronic media. //

Madison Greenstone (they/them, @mads_green_stone) is a Brooklyn-based performer, creative musician, writer, and clarinetist of TAK Ensemble. They work in fixed media, within the composer-improviser configuration of the duo Shy Bather with Michelle Lou, as well as in their own performance-explorations on the clarinets. Notable performances have been as a soloist at the Vigeland Mausoleum (Oslo), the Merce Cunningham Centennial Night of 100 Solos (LA, Royce Hall), as the soloist in Brian Ferneyhough’s La Chute d’Icare (San Diego), and as a soloist presented by ISSUE Project Room. They can be heard on Wandelweiser Editions, Another Timbre, TAK Editions, Triptychs Tapes, eë editions (AT), and Impakt Collective (DE). They are currently a doctoral candidate at UC San Diego where they learn greatly from the mentorship of Anthony Burr and Charles Curtis. //

Leo Chang (he/him, @listentoleochang) is a Korean improviser, composer and performer of avant-garde music currently living in Brooklyn. Born in Seoul, Leo lived as an expat in Singapore, Taipei, and Shanghai, and then moved to the United States in 2011. Leo expresses rootlessness and multiplicity within identities through his music, and he traces the origins of his fractured identity-formation to colonial legacies that continue to this day. His art is an act of home-making inspired by musical and ideological movements that have sought to question power dynamics and imagine freedom within egalitarian possibilities. His primary methods are free improvisation, written text, graphical notation, and electronic processing. Leo frequently performs as/with VOCALNORI, which amplifies vocal sounds through gongs and cymbals via electronic instruments, and plays the piri in untraditional ways. Leo’s various performances and collaborations have been with William Parker, gamin, DoYeon Kim, Chris Williams, Lester St. Louis, Miriam Parker, Erin Rogers, Lucie Vítková, Jason Nazary, Jeonghyeon Joo, Adrianne Munden-Dixon, S.E.M. ensemble, the Rhythm Method, and the JACK quartet. //

Saxophonist and clarinetist Yuma Uesaka (@yumasax) works within the intersection of jazz, creative music, and new music. Active in New York City since 2014, he came to wider attention with Ocelot, a record with his collaborative trio with Cat Toren and Colin Hinton, and Streams, a duo recording with pianist Marilyn Crispell. As a composer, he’s received recognition from the ASCAP Foundation, Metropolis, and Either/Or Ensemble. He has performed with Anna Webber, Jessie Cox, Lesley Mok at venues such as The Jazz Gallery, Roulette, and National Sawdust, and has recorded for Pi, New Focus, NotTwo, and Polyfold Records. //

Ka Baird (they/them, @sapropelicpycnic) is a performer, composer, and sound designer based in NYC. They are known for their live solo performances which include extended vocal, breath and microphone techniques combined with electronics and psychoacoustic interplay of flutes and other woodwinds. They create a present tense sound with a vigorous delivery that seeks extreme release through physical exertion and psychic extension that “dances in the undefined margins of experimental sound, performance art, and humor.” //

Crazy Doberman

Crazy Doberman (@crazy_doberman) began as an open, collaborative, and improvisational offshoot of Doberman. While Doberman existed as an Indiana quartet rooted primarily in the industrial and experimental-electronic musical traditions, Crazy Doberman has gone on to incorporate elements of free jazz, found sound, musique concrète, and diverse instrumentation into their recordings and performances.
The project originated as a series of collaborations with John Olson but has continued to include collaborations with various artists across a diverse musical spectrum. The live set generally consists of a rotating and revolving cast of core members alongside accompanying improvisors. These live sessions often function as source material for their recorded output, with most releases recorded and mixed by member Tim Gick. Leading members Drew Davis and Tim Gick will be joined by frequent collaborator Kyle Flanagan for two nights in New York for their north-east tour. // +

Big Scary Indian

Big Scary Indian (@bigscaryindian) is the art-rock outfit created by Brooklyn based musician and public school music teacher Roshan Reddy (he/him). This project combines intention and spontaneity in an attempt to push guitar driven music into fresh territory.

Mark Morgan

Mark Charles Morgan (@bogstandard2) is most well known as the guitarist and singer of Sightings, a New York City based avant rock band which existed from 1998 to 2013. They released 10 full length albums on the labels Load, Ecstatic Peace, Fusetron and Dais. Mark currently plays solo and "Department of Heraldry" is his debut. [Editorial note: it is in my wishlist, v excellent!!]