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about page: archive 2020-03

nyc-noise is an experimental/avant-xx music calendar (not just noise music!) featuring a wide range of genres, for whatever "genre" is worth to you: freejazz, noise, contemporary classical, "electronic," all things "improvised," ambient, post-rock, post-whatever, techno, no wave, hip-hop, hardcore, metal, punk, "indie," pop, rock, singer-songwriter, performance art... arbitrary curation = what i like + what my friends, friendishes, & acquaintances like &/or (hopefully "&") are playing. all events in brooklyn, manhattan, queens, or the bronx.

2 links when possible: venue/promoter + facebook (black if 2nd link). ideally this site helps you avoid relying on fb, but given multiple hosts & higher visibility, those links are often more up-to-date; they're included so you can see what i've probably consulted if listing differs from venue site. calendar's updated on a daily basis, w/ events usually double-checked day-of.

instagram (@nyc_noise) alternates between daily calendars (literally just screenshots of this site, posted whenever) & images/video of performers playing upcoming events. pics also arbitrary, whatever i've already taken w/ my busted cell phone. content warning for net speak.

it's hard to keep track of stuff & help is VERY EXTRA GREAT; image-tag on instagram or submit below. if you use the site regularly––or are just feeling generous!––consider donating via paypal (be sure to write a note that you're heading over from the site so i can thank you!). inbox gets a little overwhelming, so apologies if i take a while to respond; if i seem to have forgotten to add, feel free to poke at me again. :)

thanks lots! xoxo