bandcamp roundup (“full”)

bandcamp’s the only ethical platform we have for buying music, & even their usual processing fees are infinitely more reasonable than garbage like spotify, so buy some things //  my collection here // (mostly-nyc) artist list below, scroll down for bandcamp players // artists in postponed ende tymes noise fest here & on festival’s help page // this is full(er) listing, rotating releases in/outta main page link to keep things a lil more manageable // submit (yrs)

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13 million year old ghost (Nick Zinner)

13 million year old ghost ($8)

Jessica Ackerley

Jessica Ackerley Trio, Coalesce ($7-10) // loosened(-but-still-)tightrope free jazz, skeletal postrock // clarity & direction but sometimes you’ll forget abt Composition; ~thicks~ more hard-pulled upright buzz & cymbal shimmer than pedal-wash (& they don’t stay there long, trend sparse) // “deliberate” overused but… *that* // last track gets the lush swell w/ mat on some wild sh*t above the churn––oh yeah muntz & fraser rly tear it up, too

A New Kind of Water ($7-10)

The Server ($7-10)

Brian Shankar Adler

Fourth Dimension ($10-15)

Max Alper (Peretsky)

Electronic Music That Has Rhythm ($7)


ALPHAWHORE (Cochrane, Shea, Beeferman)

Alphawhore ($6)

Bentley Anderson / BA/NS

Trances Are ($1+)

BA/NS (Bentley Anderson & Nick Stevens), To Shadow The One ($7)

Angels in America

Cunt Tree Grammer ($5)

Miami Angels in America: A Public Ranking (name your price)

Anteloper (jaimie branch & Jason Nazary)

Kudu ($7-11)

Amma Ateria


IMA (Nava Dunkelman & Amma Ateria), The Flowers Die in Burning Fire – 炎の中で死にゆく花 ($8-25)

Ka Baird

Respires ($11-27) // extended technique vox (harsh breathwork, growl-drops, chitterings, flute-trill, scampery lil creature w/ sharp teeth) // percussing moves btwn digi-feel chime drone clicks to sounding decidedly Bodied // ft. rowden, eilbacher, fitzpatrick, fox

Ka Baird with Chris Corsano

Kinematics ($5-20)

Federico Balducci

long distance dreams (name your price)


Liquid Sugar (name your price)

Being & Becoming (Evans, Ross, Jozwiak, Harris)

Being & Becoming [Peter Evans, Joel Ross, Nick Joziwak, Savannah Harris] (pre-order; $12-25)

Bob Bellerue

Princess Turnt ($4–10) // 3 remaining 7″ // improvised drone-noise, slow churn w/ creepy buried highs, something lurching, gets sinister

Bob Bellerue & Marcia Bassett

Endless Parabolas ($5)

Lea Bertucci

Resonant Field ($10-23)

Big Scary Indian

Chicome Malinalli (name your price digital, $7 tape) // lush freak-folk prog metal synthpop indie video game soundtrack…? srsly this is deliciously fun & catchy & possibly brilliant, you want it in yr life

Blacks’ Myths (Luke Stewart & Trae Crudup III)

Blacks’ Myths II ($9)

Blacks’ Myths ($7)

Annie Blech

Unearthed Speaking ($2+)

Air Force ($2)

Bonnie Baxter / Kill Alters

AXIS ($8-9) // mutant techno o’clock; “NO DICC” an insta-classic

KILL ALTERS, no self helps ($6) // powerhouses Baxter, Hisham A. Bharoocha, & Nicos Kennedy bring the big-beat psych-creep

Leila Bordreuil

Headflush ($7) // “unprocessed amplified cello works”

Leila Bordreuil / Michael Foster

The Caustic Ballads (name your price-$10)

Brickwork (Del Castillo, Muntz, Hansen)


Griffin Brown

Untitled / Live in the Virtual World ($5)

BUKA (Aimée Niemann & Marija Kovačević)

autumn ($10)

summer ($10)

Cal Fish

Sound States for Myssi ($5-10)

Cassette Traveller ($9-10)

Center For Whatever (Lindaman & Öhman-Frölund)

Boogie Spiderland ($5-7)

Brian Chase / Drums and Drones

Drums and Drones: Decade (3CD + 144pg book w/ artwork + download, $30)

Correlations: Keti Kartveli & Brian Chase (digi name your price; w/ framed artwork, $80)

Chama (Falcón, Trujillo, García)

“Hexágono” (single; $1.50)

Child Abuse

Imaginary Enemy ($8.75–$27.85)

Gerald Cleaver

Signs ($10-25) // electronic album?!

clebs (Emilie Weibel & Jason Nazary)

fault sequence (name your price)

I’m Here ($5-12)


D1G1TAL F0R3NS1CS ($7)

Loren Connors

Unaccompanied Acoustic Guitar Improvisations Vol. 10 ($7 digital, $100 hand-painted (by Connors) vinyl)

sally decker / multa nox

multa nox, Living Pearl ($10)

Aaron Dilloway

Hatched Eggs ($5)

Banned / Bent ($5)

Aaron Dilloway & C. Lavender

Secret Destroyed Instantly ($5)

Dis Fig

PURGE ($10-12)

Dezron Douglas

“Solomon Grundy” (single track, $0.99+)

Dezron Douglas Black Lion ($6)

Ian Douglas-Moore

Ian Douglas-Moore & Leo Suarez, Stubborn Plane (pre-order; $5-7)

Three Fate Tales


Hackers All of Them Hackers ($5)

Rarities (2003​-​2016) (a classic; $20)

Nick Dunston Atlantic Extraction

Atlantic Extraction ($8-15)

Aaron Edgcomb

Three Airs by Frank O’Hara ($6–10)

Erato (I​,​II​,​IV​,​VII​,​VIII) ($10)


Ekmeles: A Howl, That Was Also A Prayer ($10)


Live Album ($6.66)


Vital Creatures ($9-20)

Sandy Ewen & Henry Kaiser

Lake Monsters ($7-10)

Sandy Ewen / Red Currant

Red Currant, The Fruit ($5)


Noise Project For The New American Century (name your price)

Eunhye Jeong & Noa Fort (2 Begets 3)

2 Begets 3 (name your price)

gabby fluke-mogul

thread ($7)

to alejandra pizarnik ($5)

The Flying Luttenbachers

Greatest Hits (name your price)

Imminent Death ($8-32)

Food Corps

DEMO (name your price)

DEMO ii (name your price)

Michael Foster

Grist for the Mill ($5)

Michael Foster / Ben Bennett / Jacob Wick

Glove Issues ($7-8)

Michael Foster / Katherine Young / Michael Zerang

Bind the Hand​(​s) That Feed ($7-12)

Fox Millions Duo (Greg Fox & Kid Millions)

Biting Through ($9-18)

Henry Fraser

Buzzed ($7)

Henry Fraser & Sam Weinberg

BUST ($7)

Matthew D. Gantt

Diagnostics (pre-order; $7-9)


PTP​-​RIDD01 ($9)

Kate Gentile

Mannequins ($15)

Geoff Gersh (Ambient Fields)

Ambient Fields, Ólafsfjörður ($10-20)

Geoff Gersh, Masses ($5-10)


My House ($8–17)

Alec Goldfarb’s Laughing Coffin

Laughing Coffin ($7) // works by guitarist/composer goldfarb ft. *profoundly* wicked crew: xavier del castillo (sax), nolan tsang (trmp), yuma uesaka (cl., sax), mat muntz (bass), steven crammer (drumz); i like that it’s called a “chamber ensemble” bc… true! but expect heavy *haunted free jazz* vibes


Luminous Fluid / Luminous Fields ($7)

GORPLORD & Michael Beggs, Nothing To See Here ($7-12)

Devin Gray

GPS Trio, Blast Beat Blues ($7)

Devin Gray’s Algorhythmica ($5)

GRID (Nelson, Dahl, Podgurski)

Decomposing Force (pre-order; $9-19) // only 1 track up so far & for GRID it sounds positively clean! …until 1:27, when the sax starts to sound question mark-y? & then sh*t goes fully off the rails <3

 ($8-10) // i luv them <3

David Grollman

My Seed ($2)

My Shit ($2)

Mary Halvorson & Weasel Walter

Opulence ($7)

Vicente Hansen Atria

In quiet places where the moss grows green ($1)

Carolyn Hietter & Alden Slack

instead of floral plant motifs ($5)

Patrick Higgins 


Patrick Higgins & Josh Modney, EVRLY MVSIC ($8-10)

Colin Hinton & Glassbath

Colin Hinton: Simulacra ($10-15)

Glassbath ($10-13)

Christopher Hoffman


Induction ($4-$7)

Adam Holmes

Compartments ($5-10)

id m theft able

Folk and or Stereo Separation in Thrift Stores (name your price)

The Invisible Party (Lipscomb, Kotheimer, Treut)

Shuman Kind ($8)

Irreversible Entanglements

Who Sent You? ($9-27)


Irrevery Volume I ($10-20)

JeJaWeDa (Bishop/Blonk/Walter/Smith)

Pioneer Works Vol. 1 BPA 19 ($10-16)


greasy deals (name your price)

Darius Jones

Darius Jones Quartet ft. Emilie Lesbros, Le bébé de Brigitte (Lost in Translation) ($11-14)

Darius Jones & Matthew Shipp

The Darkseid Recital ($11-14)

Dan Joseph

Electroacoustic Works ($9-15)

John Ingle/Dan Joseph Duo, trancepatterns ($10-12)

Nicholas Jozwiak

Empathogen, Infinite Lies in the Now (name your price)

Nightingale’s Reasoning (name your price)

KALA$HNIKOV (Jamie Saft & Mike Pride)

INDICA ($7.77)

Kepla & DeForrest Brown, Jr.

The Wages of Being Black is Death ($10)

Kid Millions & Ben Lanz (Million Lands)

The Ochre World (pre-order; $10-17)

Kid Millions & Sarah Bernstein

Broken Fall ($10-25)

Amirtha Kidambi Elder Ones

From Untruth ($9-19)

Amirtha Kidambi & Lea Bertucci

Phase Eclipse ($8)

Kinsmen and Strangers

Faustian Pact ($7-10)


At Every Age (name your price) // noise drone

Yoni Kretzmer / Pascal Niggenkemper / Weasel Walter

ProtestMusic ($8-13)

Yoni Kretzmer 2Bass Quartet

Mis-Take ($8.50–$12.50)

Yoni Kretzmer’s New Dilemma

Months, Weeks and Days ($10.50–17)

Jen Kutler

The Ways We Wait ($4–6)

Graham Lambkin & Joe McPhee

The Wolf Has Come Down from the North ($5 digital to $50 handmade art+vinyl)

C. Lavender

Vanishing Light ($7-15)

Myth of Equilibrium (preorder; €7)

Charmaine Lee

Ggggg ($7)

David Leon / Chris Pitsiokos / Asher Kurtz

Current Obsession Vol. 1 ($7)

Leverage Models [Present:]

Greys [Various Artists, incl. Booker Stardrum, Kill Alters, Wendy Eisenberg, Trevor Dunn] ($10)


Flood Dream ($9–19)

Eartheater & LEYA, Angel Lust (€3.50)

Chris LiButti

Live at The Sump ($2) // “a drone for two guitars, one bass, and three amps”

Climbing Backward ($4) // crunchier, some panics

Liederkreis (Judith Berkson)

Liederkreis ($7-15)


H​.​A​.​Q​.​Q. ($7-18)

Charlie Looker & Mike Pride


Brandon Lopez

Brandon Lopez Trio (w/ Gerald Cleaver, Steve Baczkowski), Triptych ($7)

quoniam facta sum vilis ($5 at this link?!)

Cecilia Lopez

Red / Machinic Fantasies ($8)

LOPLOP (Lipscomb, Sundland, Mofjell)


Lutkie (Sarah Lutkenhaus)

The Dominator is Cuddled Inside Me (name your price)

Paul Lytton

“​?​”​!​” ($7-13)

Manikineter / Carl Kavorkian

Manikineter, Not as They Do ($5)

Carl Kavorkian, EleNtine ($5-6)

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

Irregular (€7)

John McCowen

| OBF 14 | ($5)

4 Chairs in 3 Dimensions ($8)

Chris McIntyre / TILT Brass

To TILT: Vol. 1, Original Music for TILT Brass by McIntyre, Didkovsky, Coleman, Hasselbring, Wooley ($5-10)

UllU (David Shively & Chris McIntyre), August ($5-10)

Greg McMullen & Luke Schwartz

Greg McMullen & Luke Schwartz ($7)

Grey Mcmurray

Stay Up ($7-21)

Frank Meadows

From ($5) // solo upright bass but also monster in basement

Used Music (name your price)


megalophobe ($3)


Ava Mendoza / Unnatural Ways

Unnatural Ways (Mendoza, Dahl, Ospovat), The Paranoia Party ($7)

Ava Mendoza / Maxime Petit / Will Guthrie ($4)

Mezzanine Swimmers (Mike Green)

Black Cat in Heat ($7-17)

Video Daughters (Green & Gonzalez), Cut Back ($5)

Joe Moffett


Kate Mohanty


Lesley Mok

“Maquette” (single; name your price)

Kyle Motl

In Search of a Certain Bird ($7)

Treesearch (Keir GoGwilt & Kyle Motl), Know More Knowledge ($10-14)

Kyle Motl / Patrick Shiroishi / T.J. Borden

in this failing light ($7)


MY MURDER ($6-8)


Cybernetic Coil ($3-20)

Luisa Muhr

Synesthesia ($4)

Aron Namenwirth

Gettin’ Hot ($7)

Nastie Band

Nastie Band ($10-21)

Nebu La

Songs From the Edge of The Algorhythm ($10)

The New York Review of Cocksucking (Foster & Kamerman)

Total Cruise Worship ($7)


10​:​10 ($1, track)

cyber hunt ($2, track)

Weston Olencki

SOLO WORKS (preorder; $7-15)

synthetics [a] (name your price)

One Bloody Pony

What Is A Meat Head? (Greatest Hits) (Remastered) (name your price)


Spooks ($7)

Opening Bell

Accelerated Nepenthetude ($7)

Eivind Opsvik

Overseas V ($9-18)


Roach Goin’ Down ($7-16)

Palberta on Audiotree Live ($8)

paleontol0gist (Jonah Rosenberg)


Zeena Parkins & Brian Chase

Live at San Damiano Mission ($10–$25)

Jessica Pavone

J. Pavone String Ensemble, Brick and Mortar ($12-14)

In the Action ($7)

PC Worship

Future Phase ($10)

Phonon (A. Domene, E. Sharp, C. Marston, W. Walter)

Alloy ($8)

Chris Pitsiokos / CP Unit

CP Unit, One Foot On The Ground Smoking Mirror Shakedown ($10-14)

Chris Pitsiokos’ Fucm Hawj (Crawford, Mattrey, Ultan, Fraser)

Steeple ($9)

Pope Francis

Wonder ($1)

Mike Pride & id m theft able

Mike Pride & id m theft able (BUNDA LOVE), Foreman’s Mustache ($7.79)

Proninny + Szenia

“Live @ Flowers” (single; $1+)


break through arrive here ($7)

whim ($5)

The Rhythm Method

A Very Wandelweiser Christmas ($7)

Matana Roberts

Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis ($9-20)

Coin Coin Chapter Three: river run thee ($9-20)

Samantha Riott / Rodenticide

Bloodletting ($7)

Rodenticide ($7)

Matt Robidoux

Brief Candles ($5)

Erin Rogers

Dawntreader ($7-15)

claire rousay

Alex Cunningham & claire rousay, Specifically The Water ($8-14)

subscribe to claire rousay ($24/year, all releases)

Colin Sanderson (Pulcinella, Lauwghters)

HALPY 2 – an Intrakozmic Comedy


Scant (Matt Boettke)

At Fault (name your price)

In Simulating Drowning (name your price)


And I Revel ($8-15)

Shredded Nerve (Justin Lakes)

Shredded Nerve (name your price)

Whatever It Takes (name your price)


No Fun, No Way, No Fun (name your price)

Steve Silverstein

Six Studio Constructions ($1)

Twelve Piano Improvisations ($1)

Catherine Sikora & Brian Chase

untitled: after ($10)

Catherine Sikora & Matteo Liberatore

build a gold house to bury the devil ($5)

Snake Union / Chuck Bettis

Snake Union, Three Arrows ($8–10) // Snake Union (David Grant & Chuck Bettis) ft. Hisham Akira Bharoocha, Bonnie Jones, Heejin Jang, Matthew Regula

Chuck Bettis, Anxious Time of the Dying Sun ($5)

Speaker Music / DeForrest Brown, Jr.

of desire, longing (£7–£18)

Stars Like Fleas

DWARS Session: Live on Radio VPRO (Amsterdam) ($8)

 Luke Stewart

Works for Upright Bass and Amplifier ($8)

Sunk Heaven

Y Serpentine ($7)


Oor ($10-12)


Endgame Of The Anthropocene ($9)

TBHQ (Hazel Rigby)

Serf City ($7)

TONED (Corder, Suarez, Weeks)

The Private Sector ($10)


Condominium (name your price)


Robert Turman

Solo Works 1976 – 1979

Veiling Reflections ($10)

Lindsay Tuttle / Surf Hair

WITCH HAIR [Lindsay Tuttle & P Wits] (name your price)

Surf Hair, Cassette Split w/ The Mainstream Media (name your price)

Umbrella Pine

Seven ($7-10)

Flin van Hemmen

Casting Spells & The Coves ($12-16)

Eli Wallace

Slideshow Junky I ($10-13)

Barriers ($8)


Just Like a Shark (name your price)

Keith Fullerton Whitman

GRM [Redactions] ($5)

Contemporary Drummer [Redactions] ($5)

Chris Williams

Ske​.​tch ($2)

tehaessan EP ($6)

Nate Wooley​ / Ken Vandermark

All Directions Home ($10)

Nate Wooley & Seymour Wright

About Trumpet and Saxophone (£5–£7)


GUSHING ($3.33)

GUSHING remixes ($3.33)


WAHALA ($11)

Spirit Said Yes! (Deluxe Edition) ($8)

C. Spencer Yeh / Burning Star Core

The RCA Mark II ($7-16)

Burning Star Core, Statue of Trust 2004​-​2007 ($7)

Katherine Young & Austin Wulliman (ft. Ensemble Dal Niente)

DILIGENCE IS TO MAGIC AS PROGRESS IS TO FLIGHT ($8 digital to $75 (4 tapes + artwork))

Michael Zerang / C. Spencer Yeh / Tashi Dorji

Zerang / Yeh / Dorji ($7)