bandcamp roundup

“full”-ish BIG roundup here; no embedded players on that page for ease of loading // my collection here, if you’re curious // SUBMIT YR RELEASE 


Vol.1: BASS (Chaikin Records, ft. Brandon Lopez, Luke Stewart, Trevor Dunn, Richard Hoffman; $8)


STUFF I LIKE VOL​.​3: for the NY Immigrant Freedom Fund + COVID Bail Out NYC ($7) // ft. Samantha Riott & Chris Pitsiokos, Patrick Higgins, Jessica Pavone, Next Bus Pls (Kwami Winfield & Sam “Sam” Hafferty), Joanna Mattrey, Brandon Lopez, Samara Lubelski, Brian Chase, Manami Mizumoto & J, Aquiles Navarro, Mariel Roberts, Luke Stewart, Jay Campbell, Tyshawn Sorey // fundraiser for COVID Bail Out NYC & the New York Immigrant Freedom Fund (100% proceeds forev)

STUFF I LIKE VOL.2: FOR COVID BAIL OUT NYC ($5) // Ft. Charmaine Lee, Ishmael Ali, Cecilia Lopez, Lester St. Louis, Victoria Shen, Daniel Carter, Javier Areal Vélez, Nat Baldwin, Weston Olencki // 100% proceeds for NYC Noise comps 1 & 2 go to COVID Bail Out NYC: “We bail out our Black & brown siblings in NYC jails, prioritizing those who are medically vulnerable.”

STUFF I LIKE VOL.1: FOR COVID BAIL OUT NYC ($5) // Matteo Liberatore, Violeta García, Carlos Quebrada, Matt Nelson, C. Spencer Yeh, gabby fluke-mogul, Weasel Walter, Aaron Dilloway // 100% proceeds for NYC Noise comps 1 & 2 go to COVID Bail Out NYC: “We bail out our Black & brown siblings in NYC jails, prioritizing those who are medically vulnerable.”


PULSELESS Vol.1 ($15) // NYC Experimental Scene of 2008-2012, ft. Orie Mars Orie, The Creep, Din Glorious, Stranger Danger, Monstress, Gila Monster, Parasite Singles, Pop. 1280, Monstress, Sediment Club, Turbosleaze, Mortatar, Signal Break, Genuine Imitaions, Radio Shock // Proceeds to mutual aid groups Club A in NYC and Bushwick Ayuda Mutua


HOA010 ($25) // ft. AceMo, Akua, BEARCAT, Bookworms, DJ SWISHA, JADALAREIGN, Kush Jones, MoMA Ready, Russell E. L. Butler, Speaker Music, & way more


TREVORSHAUS Familiars: Volume I ($10) // Ft. LEYA, Speaker Music, C. Spencer Yeh, Child (Gavilán Rayna Russom), Haitlin, King Vision Ultra, Reliquary V x Anne Lesley Selcer, Venïson Man, Sebastian Maria, Macy Rodman // Fundraiser for Emergency Relief Fund, “a NYC grassroots organization paying bail and coordinating release for trans pre-trial individuals” // VENMO (@trevorshaus)


An Unknown Infinite ($12–15)


Banned In LA (w/ Damion Romero, Gerald Xe Jupitter-Larsen, Geoff Brandin, Bob Bellerue, Erik Hoffman, Howard D Stelzer; name your price to $10 handmade 7″)

Big Scary Indian

Chicome Malinalli (name your price digital, $7 tape) // lush freak-folk art-prog synthpop-metal-crunch video game soundtrack…? idk but deliciously fun & catchy & possibly brilliant

Blacks’ Myths

Blacks’ Myths ($7) // “lower south”: loud enough when you can feel the bass in yr throat


continuation school ($5)

Leila Bordreuil / Bill Nace / Tamio Shiraishi

Live at Pageant Soloveev ($6)

Carter / Shipp / Parker / Cleaver

Welcome Adventure! Vol. 1 ($10-$25) // Daniel Carter, Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Gerald Cleaver

Abhilasha Chebolu & Ishmael Ali

Many Calmly Ordered Rules Of Death ($6 cassette)

deli girls

BOSS ($10)


Rarities (2003​-​2016) ($20) // a classic w/ ridic range (skip around & listen to bits of a few of these sixteen tracks); you may know bklyn techno-noise better than me, but if you don’t own this by now then *hey* you missed a spot

gabby fluke-mogul

thread ($7) // PAYPAL:

Irreversible Entanglements

IRREVERSIBLE LIVE IN BERLIN ($10) // IE: Aquiles Navarro, Camae Ayewa, Keir Neuringer, Luke Stewart, Tcheser Holmes

Kepla & DeForrest Brown, Jr.

The Wages of Being Black is Death ($10) // Every release includes a PDF of ‘The End Of Policing’ by Alex S Vitale.

Kwamii (Kwami Winfield)

Cold Tobacco (name your price) // VENMO (@groceriez)CA$HAPP ($groceriez) // how many instruments does 1 person need to play jfc

M. Lamar

M. Lamar / Hunter Hunt-Hendrix / James Ilgenfritz, M. Lamar Live ($7) // VENMO (@m-lamar-1), PAYPAL (mlamarstore @gmail)

Charmaine Lee

a stone widens it ($6)


H​.​A​.​Q​.​Q. ($7-18)

Brandon Lopez


López López (Cecilia Lopez & Brandon Lopez)

DOS EP ($7)

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe

¿¿Ohh​?​? (for Folke Rabe) ($10)

Anaïs Maviel

“Bleu Blanc Black” ($2+)

Moor Mother & YATTA

Moor Mother & YATTA, DIAL UP ($10)

Federico Musso & Jessica Ackerley

Nervios calavera en roja cinta en una noche en bruma gualda ($7)


MY MURDER ($6-8)

Aki Onda

Nam June’s Spirit Was Speaking To Me ($10)


Red Summer ($9 digital to $45 vinyl + book of epistles (5 remaining))

Parasite Nurse

North Dumpling ($5)

Tomeka Reid

Tomeka Reid Quartet, Old New ($10)

Samantha Riott

Bloodletting ($7)

Matana Roberts

Always. ($10-$15)


History Of Heat ($10)

Speaker Music & bookworms

As Serious As Your Life ($10)

Tyshawn Sorey

Alloy ($11-14) // w/ Cory Smythe, Chris Tordini

Luke Stewart

Luke Stewart Exposure Quintet (w/ Edward Wilkerson, Jr., Ken Vandermark, Jim Baker, Avreeayl Ra) ($10–27)

SUNBURNSOUTYOUREYES (Brandons Seabrook & Lopez, Gerald Cleaver)


Fay Victor

Barn Songs ($9-14) // w/ Marika Hughes, Darius Jones

Chris Williams

mehahn ($7)


WAHALA ($11) // Release includes a PDF of ‘The End Of Policing’ by Alex S Vitale.

YoshimiO & Chuck Bettis

Live at The Stone ($5)