bandcamp roundup

bandcamp’s the only remotely-ethical online platform for buying music––even after processing fees, waaay more reasonable than zilch-artist-profit things like sp*tify––so pay some people for their soundwork!! // i rotate musics in & out from the much bigger FULL BANDCAMP ROUNDUP; no embedded players there for ease of loading (sometimes i forget to add these releases to the master list & they fall out of rotation; tell me if yrs disappears!!!) // my collection here; & i’ll shamelessly say i’mma broke b*tch & LOVE when people send me codes // SUBMIT YR RELEASE (doesn’t need to be bandcamp, just a link to buy record!) // apologies if i missed any obsolete notes, i prolly should’ve dated them but didn’t think of that til 3+ years into roundup so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Amplify Palestine BDS Mixtape

People of Eternity: BDS Mixtape Vol. 1 ($12+) // SO MANY HEAVY HITTERS F’REAL F’REAL SUPPORT

AMANI + King Vision Ultra

An Unknown Infinite ($12+)

Blacks’ Myths

Blacks’ Myths ($7+) // “lower south”: loud enough when you can feel the bass in yr throat

Chaikin Records NYC Liminal Series

Vol.3: DRUMS ($7+) // from Chaikin Records!! legit af, ft. Susie Ibarra, Ches Smith, Tomas Fujiwara, Brian Chase // i love these tapes & the design & brian is the Nicest Human, GRIP IT


CHAMA ($7+) // violin/viola + guitar + drums occasionally latin-metal-adjacent trio of Leonor Falcón, Juanma Trujillo, Arturo García—angly & absurdly underrated, check f’real

jaimie branch [rip]

FLY or DIE II: bird dogs of paradise

Crazy Doberman

“everyone is rolling down a hill” or “the journey to the center of some arcane mystery and the entanglements of the vines and veins of the cosmic and unwieldy millieu encountered in the midst of that endeavor” ($10+) // YO THIS RIPS


Rarities (2003–2016) // it just truly is required listening idk what to tell u??? show yr friends & watch them freak out… if u haven’t paid for it yet, at least send them a tip via venmo (@drmcrshr)

The Flying Luttenbachers

Terror Iridescence ($7+) // TRULY SO DISTRESSING, WTF??? Negative Infinity made me laugh cuz i was so pleased, but this one had my mouth bent into the OHNO D: emoticon shape, JFC


Slowness as the Vehicle III (archive 0828121) ($10.11+) // proceeds of this mix will go to cover admission / registration for learners who are people of the global majority (“BIPOC”) … for GENG PTP’s Fall classes: ‘FOUND SOUND (a history of sampling)’ + ‘Rap Linguistics and World Building’ // i was v stressed / scattered today & then the first track of this made me no lie literally cry lol; highly recommend in general & esp if you think heartbreaking beauty would be a good perspective check for you

Pablo Gīw & Mariel Roberts

Kryo ($7+) // can u believe mariel did the celloing AND the beautiful album artwork, wtf how

glass salt

greetings ($7+) // glass salt = Caylie Staples & Johann Diedrick; this is beautiful :’)



Forbes Graham

Solo Horn ($5+)

Irarrázabal / Baldwin

Grips ($8+) // what a beautiful document, truly :’)

Amirtha Kidambi & Luke Stewart

Zenith​/​Nadir ($8+)


Fatigue ($10+) // i have MANY THOUGHTS about this album!!! i’ll tell you later but for now def get, && the vinyl’s gorgeous

M Lamar

The Berlin Sessions ($7+)

Matteo Liberatore

LACQUER ($8+) // our boy’s not just guitarz!!


93696 ($10+) // SWOON

Brandon Lopez

vilevilevilevilevilevilevilevile ($11+)

Cecilia Lopez

RED (db) ($10+) // for the scale of this project, a clip:

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma

Notes Above Land ($12+)

madam data

The Gospel of the Devourer // tbh the whole purple tape pedigree collection is f*ckin wow

Ava Mendoza

New Spells ($8+, various) // split between relative pitch records (cd release, $15) & astral spirits (cassette release, $8)

Fred Moten / Brandon López / Gerald Cleaver

Moten​/​López​/​Cleaver ($10)

Aquiles Navarro & Tcheser Holmes

Heritage of the Invisible II ($9+, various)

William Parker

Mayan Space Station w/ Ava Mendoza & Gerald Cleaver ($11+)


Card II ($4+) // NOMON = Shayna Dunkelman & Nava Dunkelman POWER SIBS

Parasite Nurse

Deprivation (name your price)

Tomeka Reid

Tomeka Reid Quartet, Old New ($10+)

Salenta + Topu

Moon Set, Moon Rise ($15–$27.77) // this really caught me

Tamio Shiraishi

月 (Moon) ($10+) // beautiful collection of duos that feel like documents of a community & also a crystallization of What Tamio’s Making, with sound, in space… collabs w/ leila, austin, libutti, sidnam, dahl, baczkowski, & more

Soless Dialtone (Kwami Winfield)

01089 zaz vers // going from Cold Tobacco to this is pretty bonkers, KWAMI U SURE ARE COOL :’)

Tyshawn Sorey Trio

Continuing // he truly is just doing whatever the f*ck he wants :’)

Luke Stewart

Works for Upright Bass and Amplifier Vol. 2 ($10+)

Sunk Heaven (Austin Sley Julian)

Dreamt Hubris ($10+) // honestly what’s more nyc than austin


Vomitatrix // instant classic; quartet of Gyna Bootleg, Weasel Walter, Tim Dahl, Rick Eye being ABSOLUTE *MONGRELS* // while you’re at it, check out the full/crazed ugEXPLODE discog @