bandcamp roundup

bandcamp’s the only remotely-ethical online platform for buying music––even after processing fees it’s waaay more reasonable than zilch-artist-profit things like spotify––so pay some people for their soundwork // i rotate musics in & out of this page, w/ the “full”-ish MASSIVE roundup here; no embedded players on that page for ease of loading // my collection here, if you’re curious // SUBMIT YR RELEASE (&& doesn’t need to be bandcamp, just a link to buy record!)

NYC Liminal Series

Vol.2: CELLO (Chaikin Records, ft. Leila Bordreuil, Mariel Roberts, Lester St. Louis, MV Carbon; $7-10)

NYC NOISE Compilation

STUFF I LIKE VOL​.​3: FOR COVID BAIL OUT NYC ($10) // ft. Jay Campbell, Brian Chase, Next Bus Pls (Sam Hafferty & Kwami Winfield), Patrick Higgins, Brandon Lopez, Samara Lubelski, Joanna Mattrey, Manami Mizumoto & J, Aquiles Navarro, Jessica Pavone, Samantha Riott & Chris Pitsiokos, Mariel Roberts, Tyshawn Sorey, Luke Stewart + bonus tracks by Sunk Heaven (Austin Sley Julian), Elliott Sharp, Parasite Nurse (Samantha Hernandez) // 100% proceeds of all comps to COVID Bail Out NYC

3afak: Love to NYC Compilation

3afak: Love to NYC ($15) // ft. Sadaf, Bookworms, Kush Jones, King Vision Ultra, Bergsonist, & many more // 50% of proceeds to The Okra Project


TREVORSHAUS Familiars: Volume II ($7) // ft. Breakaway, Sidewaalk Kal, Robert E. Livingood, Cegua, Afterlife.Online, Sweetzach, Janitor, Samantha CC, Sebastian Maria, Haitlin, Tallpug // Fundraiser for “open source mutual aid” / free store / space the gym in bushwick // ++ @trevorshaus venmocommunity wishlist

AMANI + King Vision Ultra

An Unknown Infinite ($12–20; pledge for vinyl!)

Blacks’ Myths

Astro Nation (name your price) // i love everything this duo does, but this––a single 10-min “version” of sun ra’s “astro nation”––is them at their most MARVELOUSLY *OUT* (as it should be, when sounding/summoning sun ra); i recommend playing on a loop at least 3x for yr first listen

Russell E.L. Butler

Blah Blah ($7)

Carter / Shipp / Parker / Cleaver

Welcome Adventure! Vol. 1 ($10-$25)

CHAMA (Leonor Falcón, Juanma Trujillo, Arturo García)

CHAMA ($7)

Jennifer Curtis & Tyshawn Sorey

Invisible Ritual ($10) // tyshawn piano life <3

Jeremiah Cymerman / Charlie Looker

A Horizon Made Of Canvas ($8–14)

Marilu Donovan & Tristan Kasten-Krause

Nowhere (name your price) // not yr fault that you missed this, just fix it


Rarities (2003​-​2016) ($20) // REQUIRED LISTENING FOR ALL (legit every time i play this for someone they are mindblown? the RANGE)

FRANK/ie CONSENT & The Cradle

No Memory Foam

gabby fluke-mogul

threshold ($10–15) // shreddings & other complications, a soft underbelly, stitching exposed // think “thresh” as a verb & then hold it

Tcheser Holmes

​..​.​the T is silent ft. Aquiles Navarro, Bob Bruya, Matt Mottel, Moor Mother, M.Data ($10–15)

Susie Ibarra

Talking Gong ft. Claire Chase, Alex Peh ($10–17)

Tristan Kasten-Krause

Potential Landscapes ($7–20)

Kepla & DeForrest Brown, Jr.

The Wages of Being Black is Death ($10) // Every release includes a PDF of ‘The End Of Policing’ by Alex S Vitale.

Amirtha Kidambi & Matteo Liberatore

Neutral Love ($8)


Fatigue (pre-order; ~$10–22)

M Lamar

“Bag Lady” (Erykah Badu Cover) ($2) // venmo @m-lamar-1, paypal mlamarstore @gmail

Charmaine Lee

KNVF ($8)


Origin of the Alimonies ($7-20) // hunter c’mon

Cecilia Lopez & Wenchi Lazo


Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma

Notes Above Land ($12–15)

Moor Jewelry (Moor Mother & Mental Jewelry)

True Opera ($7) // y’all this is *wild*

Aquiles Navarro & Tcheser Holmes

Heritage of the Invisible II ($9–27)

Parasite Nurse

Deprivation (name your price)

Weston Olencki & Daniel Iván Bruno

Serious Hardcore Improvisatory Electroacoustic Methodologies (hanging out in the beautiful woods by a river on a sunny day in the summer) ($7)

Tomeka Reid

Tomeka Reid Quartet, Old New ($10)

Mariel Roberts

Armament ($7-12) // *stupid* beautiful, some deep dark churn, the noise-iest & heart-rendery-est & widest-ranging work i’ve heard from roberts // consider this the heaviest vouch, you’ll love it hard

Matana Roberts

Always. ($10-$15)

Salenta + Topu

Moon Set, Moon Rise ($15–$27.77) // this really caught me

Ryan Sawyer & Brandon Lopez


Speaker Music

a bitter but beautiful struggle ($12)

Luke Stewart & Patrick Shiroishi

Luke Stewart / Patrick Shiroishi ($5)

Sunk Heaven

Silica-Struck Dunes ($5)

Fay Victor’s SoundNoiseFunk

We’ve Had Enough ($9-13)

Chris Williams

Of Yours ft. Nick Dunston, Aaron Edgcomb, Weston Olencki ($7)