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2024 UPDATES; sorry for how few resources still exist!!
let me know what i'm missing!


come forever (williamsburg, bklyn) //  free masks & tests (plus soon-to-be press & more!) next to property is theft // ACCESS: 😷🅰️♿️ + MAP

free city test pickup (mostly libraries!)

free by mail: (1) current usps test request; limit 4 per apartment per round, but find a pal/address that didn't get them before & you can back-request + (2) sends 2 tests; eyeroll, but they're molecular tests good for pooled testing (where 4-5 ppl add samples & individually re-test if batch is +)

• in-person / pcr: i can't find updated lists anywhere womp; call yr closest urgent care & see if they take yr insurance, or schedule express testing if you happen to live near one of the city's four (????) spots in crown heights, jamaica, riverside, morrisania.

• vaccine (not booster, fully new since fall '23!): call yr bb neighborhood pharmacy; they can order, call on arrival, check yr insurance, etc. w/ shorter wait.

–––––––––––––––––––– new / soon!!! 

• buy: to help the air in yr diy space, my years of obsessive usage say coway airmega (i've had the AP-1512HH & 200M since 2021; ~$200 new, ~$130 ebay, ~$100 CL); for smaller rooms ≤200sqft, the clorox medium's ~$100 & small/cute af. worth checking wirecutter; a trash device won't protect yr pals!


• uninsured: (1) go to (click "talk to a provider now") or call 631-397-2273 for city services* or (2) request treatment through**

*2/6/24 city check: after reviewing symptoms & getting a script for paxlovid, you may need to go through another step like "paxcess" to have costs covered, but they'll walk you through it.
** have not re-confirmed recently, only got their tests, but appears to still provide free paxlovid.

• insured w/out easily-acceessible doc: call 212-268-4319 & get to the *nurse* line

• recs: get medicaid + find doc

nyc medicaid hope story: summer 2022 i was having hella heart problems & an apologetic ER doc scrawled "zocdoc" on a gauze pad lmao anyway i used that to ditch my big medical complex & found a small provider w/ openings in the neighborhood; they can't always handle stuff in-house & there's often a hella wait, but a place where Real Humans answer the phone can be life-changing!!! a Real Doc will return yr call, review symptoms, & send paxlovid to a nearby pharmacy.


• nyc aftercare: seems to be the best way to find existing resources (no promises)

nyc.govsadly not much more than this page, but incl. post-covid care clinics


(for things i've seen rec'd that suck, so i don't waste time double-checking lol)

• ppl sometimes share the CDC's local health center tool for masks; i've called a number of the nyc #s & none are providing grr