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solidarity with palestine

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✅ 8-Ball Community [insta]
Brooklyn Institute for Social Research

Bureau of General Services—Queer Division [insta]
Gold Bolus
NYC Noise
✅ Pageant
The Poetry Project
 (+ ☑️ W.A.G.E.)
Queer | Art
Wendy's Subway

in WAWOG list, but i couldn't find statements: Topos, The Word is Change

for ppl (not orgs): djs against apartheid • musicians for palestine • artists against apartheid

PACBI *is* [a low bar!]
the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) is non-violent direct action asking that academic & cultural institutions, orgs, groups...
–– refuse the normalization of Israeli violence against Palestinians
–– join a global cultural front pressuring Israel to end its genocide & apartheid of Palestinian people & the occupation of Palestinian land
–– refrain from participation in academic / cultural events & projects sponsored by the Israeli government, Israel lobby groups, & complicit Israeli institutions
–– make a public commitment to refuse material support from the state of Israel & reject projects that normalize Israel’s forced dispossession of Palestinians

to learn more, here's a cheatsheet + sample PACBI statement u can copy / paste !

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email congress // easy auto-tool!

email white house staff // ask them to resign!

email white house // ...keep radicalizing biden interns!!!! my fall '23 biden script included "I wish you grace in the face of your certain defeat, & enough years of health to try to make amends for your devastating moral failure." but let's be real: no one has that many years!! now i just crib adalah's line, short & [bitter]sweet: "Biden's legacy is genocide. Let it not be ours."

actual phone calls (u can do it!!! 9am-5pm, M-F!!!)

1. look up yr reps

2. see if they've called for ceasefire

3v1. call via USCPR tool or JVP tool: a) fill in info, b) click "call me" & get connected to first rep's office, c) read short call script, d) hit * [star] to be connected to next call aaaand repeat! whenever i try this i instinctively hang up after 1st call instead of hitting [*] lol oops, which is why i...


3v2. just call! ppl u might wanna bug include:


sen Chuck Schumer (202-224-6542)
sen Kirsten Gillibrand (212-688-6262)
gov Kathy Hochul (518-474-8390; u can ask abt this gross sh*t)
 cringe machine Eric Adams (all adams #s direct to 311; ask for his office there or write here)

(...sry this is *my* to-do list lol, find yrs here)

NY-07 [congressional] rep Nydia M. Velázquez co-sponsored the house ceasefire bill; u can call (202-225-2361) & say thanks!! some ~no thanks~ mfs include...
district 30's Robert Holden (212-788-7381; literally called anti-zionist protests "terrorism")
 queens boro prez Donovan J. Richards, Jr. (718-286-3000; ousted cec mem for pro-palestine tweets)

• stuff u can say

USPCR: "My name is [YOUR FIRST & LAST NAME], and I'm a constituent of [REP OR SENATOR]. I'm calling about Palestine & Israel. [REP OR SENATOR X] must [call] for 1) a total & permanent ceasefire, 2) humanitarian aid allowed to enter Gaza, including reinstating funding to UNRWA, 3) an end to Israel's siege on Gaza, & 4) no more weapons or funding to the Israeli military. I support a permanent ceasefire, along with 66 Congressmembers & 61% of American voters. I'm urgently asking [REP/SENATOR X] to call for a permanent ceasefire."

JVP: "Israel's genocide against Palestinians has become one of the deadliest & most destructive military campaigns in recent history. [Democrats] must call on the Biden administration to demand an immediate lasting ceasefire, & to stop sending weapons to the Israeli military. This is the only way to stop Israel's mass assaults, war crimes, & genocide against Palestinians in Gaza ... ensure the release of hostages ... rush desperately needed humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza who are being starved by Israeli siege ... address the root causes of everything happening — 75 years of Israeli military occupation and apartheid — & to end U.S. complicity in this systemic oppression."

expect answering machines –– but if you reach a Real Person, remember they're prolly a lowly staffer, likely a young person who feels gross representing their sellout employer. be adamant (& depending on the office, feel free to suggest they resign lol), but remember you're not speaking directly to a person in power; save the volume for yelling at those f*ckers outside their offices & homes & in the street!

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 Crips for eSims for Gaza // "disabled diasporic Asian queer" disability justice crowdfund for eSims; you can also do this yourself directly via...

• eSims for Gaza // order an eSim & forward qr code install msg here

aid, advocacy, activism: UNRWA • Palestinian Feminist Collective x MECA (or, individually, PFC (as thanks for their toolkits?), MECA) • WOL (Within Our Lifetime; single donation link works) • PYM (Palestinian Youth Movement) • Al-Awda • MAP (Medical Aid for Palestinians) • PCRF (Palestine Children’s Relief Fund) • ANERA • Doctors Without Borders • Palestine Legal

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that have hosted recent Palestine solidarity events + links if the space itself has made any ~public commitments~...

Bar Laika // clinton hill, 21+ ♿️; 76/40 cap; book
Bossa Nova // bushwick, 21+ ♿️; 140 cap
Dada // ridgewood 🅰️ ♿️; book
Elsewhere // east williamsburg, 16+ ♿️ ACCESS
The End // bushwick, 21+ ❓
Francis Kite Club
 // east village 🅰️ ♿️; book
Gold Sounds // bushwick 🅰️ ♿️; book/tech
Hex House // east williamsburg 🅰️ ♿️; book
Interference Archive
// park slope 🅰️ ♿️
JACK // clinton hill 🅰️ ♿️; ACCESS
Jade // bushwick, 21+ 📶; book
The Living Gallery // bushwick 🅰️ ☑️; book
The Lot Radio // greenpoint 🅰️ 📶
 // bushwick 🅰️ 📶; book/tech/ACCESS
–– Mission
Montez Press // chinatown 🅰️ 📶
–– ☑️ W.A.G.E.
Nowadays // ridgewood, 21+ ☑️; 269/188ACCESS
Pageant // williamsburg 🅰️ 📶
––  ✅ PACBI

People's Forum 
// midtown 🅰️ ♿️; book/tech/ACCESS
–– Mission
Performance Space // east village, ? ♿️; ACCESS
–– ☑️ W.A.G.E.
Poetry Project // east village 🅰️ ♿️; ACCESS
–– ✅ PACBI, ☑️ W.A.G.E.
Property is Theft // williamsburg 🅰️ ☑️; ACCESS
–– Mission

Purgatory // bushwick, 21+ 📶; 75 cap; book
Secret Pour // bushwick, 21+ ❓; book/tech
Starr Bar // bushwick, 21+ ♿️; 150 cap; book/tech
–– About

Stone Circle Theatre // ridgewood 🅰️ 📶; book
The Stone // village 🅰️ ♿️
The Sultan Room // bushwick, 21+ ♿️; 201/115; book
Trans-Pecos // ridgewood 🅰️ ☑️; book/tech
Triple Canopy // chinatown 🅰️ ☑️
☑️ W.A.G.E.
TV Eye
 // ridgewood, 21+ ☑️; 250 cap; tech
Union Pool // williamsburg, 21+ ♿️; book/tech
XPizza // seaport 🅰️ ☑️

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[other things that could/might show up here: STATEMENTS negotiating support for Palestine or resigning because of its absence; COMMUNICATION with institutions...??]