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• 7pm-11pm: Tripticks Tapes x NYC Noise present: Matteo Liberatore (Record Release), Nat Baldwin / Stella Silbert / Webb Crawford, Johann Diedrick & Temar France, Nava Dunkelman & Chuck Bettis, Kirin McElwain (fb) @ ridgewood presbyterian church (all ages), 59-14 70th ave, ridgewood, queens // $15 via paypal or venmo w/ note "8/13 ticket for [your name]"

woooo also go check out tripticks!!! @tripticks_tapes +++

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Kirin McElwain

Kirin McElwain is a cellist, performer, and Alexander Technique teacher based in Brooklyn, NY. // @kirinmcelwain +

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Nava Dunkelman is a percussionist and improviser based in Brooklyn, NY. Her musical approach is innovative and dynamic, combining virtuosity and intuition. Meticulous in an intrinsic way, she uses her distinctive sound pallet to explore and give life to a vast spectrum of musical possibilities. Nava's current projects are electro-percussion experimental noise duo IMA with Amma Ateria and percussion duo NOMON with her sister Shayna Dunkelman. //


CHUCK BETTIS was raised in the fertile harDCore soil, nourished within Baltimore's enigmatic avant garde gatherings, and currently blossoming in New York's downtown musical tribe. His unique blend of electronics and throat has led him into various collaborations with great musicians from around the globe. Current working groups are; Snake Union with Dave Grant, Die Trommel Fatale with Brandon Seabrook/Marika Hughes/Eivind Opsvik/Henry Fraser/Nava Dunkelman/Sam Ospovat/John McCowen, and Chatterblip with Dafna Naphtali as well as improvising, recording, or composing with an array of musicians from around the world. // @elder_totem +

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Johann Diedrick & Temar France

Photo credit (Johann): Anjelica Jardiel ft. A V Good Shirt

Johann Diedrick (he/him) is an artist, engineer, and musician that makes installations, performances, and sculptures for encountering new sonic possibilities off the grid. // @johanndiedrick +

Temar France is an anti-disciplinary performance artist and educator from Brooklyn. Their work in sound explores the impermanence of black sanctuary in the modern world. Temar is currently a graduate student of performance and interactive media art at Brooklyn College. // @temarfrance

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Nat Baldwin / Stella Silbert / Webb Crawford

Nat Baldwin is a double bassist, composer, improviser, and songwriter from Maine, currently living in Western Mass. He's released several solo and collaborative works and runs the experimental music label Tripticks Tapes. // @nat_baldwin + @tripticks_tapes +


Stella Silbert (she/her) is a Western Mass based electroacoustic improviser who plays turntable and no-input mixer. //

Webb Crawford is an improviser, woodworker and instrument-builder. They like playing free-improvised music, Piedmont-style fingerpicking, and percussive/noisy stuff. They have built stringed instruments ranging from electric guitars, basses and mandolins to modern reconstructions of historical instruments and instruments made from recycled materials or found objects. Joiners (Tripticks Tapes) marks their debut solo guitar release. // @webbkaycrawford +

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Matteo Liberatore

Matteo Liberatore (he/his) is a boundary-pushing guitarist and composer working at the intersection of free, noise, rock and electronic music. Now based in Brooklyn, he spent much of his life in the medieval region of Abruzzo, Italy, amidst dramatic landscapes that are reflected through a performance and composition style of “unsettling beauty” and “striking physicality” (The New York City Jazz Record).
Liberatore is known for his nuanced and precise treatment of timbre, texture, rhythm and gesture—whether through the elegant immediacy of unadorned instrumentation or the affecting dislocation of electronics and preparations. // @matteolibb +