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• 7pm: NYC Noise Presents: Patrick Higgins, Julia Santoli & Tamio Shiraishi, Patrick Holmes & Jessica Pavone, Ka Baird & MV Carbon (fb) @ trans-pecos (all ages), 9-15 wyckoff ave, ridgewood, queens // tickets

Ka Baird is a performer, composer, and sound designer based in NYC. They are known for their live solo performances which include extended vocal, breath and microphone techniques combined with electronics and psychoacoustic interplay of flutes and other woodwinds. They create a present tense sound with a vigorous delivery that seeks extreme release through physical exertion and psychic extension that "dances in the undefined margins of experimental sound, performance art, and humor." // + @sapropelicpycnic

MV Carbon is a multi-disciplinary artist encompassing live performance, sound, film, sculpture, painting, and multimedia installation. Carbon’s work focuses on sonic feedback, sound spatialization, sound morphology, and the transformative, deconstructive relationship between sound, image, and space. Carbon’s work explores topics such as dream states, environment, regeneration, mutation, interchangeability, and transmogrification of matter and mind, while exploring the capacity of sound through music, performance, and experiential environments. Carbon forms soundtracks with amplified vessels, sculptural objects, voice, cello, magnetic tape, oscillators, keyboards, and electronic synthesis. // + @mvcarbon

"Patrick Higgins composes with a scholar’s historical perspective and a punk’s sense of abandon. While many avant-garde musicians strive for originality by incorporating elements from outside Western tradition—or scrapping tradition altogether—Higgins melds the elegance of baroque chamber music, the colorful dissonance of Krystof Penderecki and Edgard Varèse, and the unrestrained discord of contemporary noise music, bending stylistic tropes from each era towards a central aesthetic meeting point. One of his most fascinating releases, Early Music, is a collaboration with violinist Josh Modney in which the duo fuses Renaissance forms with digital processing and the serrated edge of electric guitar. There are moments on Bachanalia, his album of radical reinterpretations for guitar from across Bach’s oeuvre, where the addition of delay and other electronic effects contorts the well-worn compositions into something resembling 20th century minimalism. Higgins’ influences are canonical, but he approaches them with as much skepticism as reverence." – Jonathan Williger for Pitchfork, reviewing 2020's TOCSIN + + @h1ggg1ns

[note: "prime" is a track you always freak out about when i play it before gigs]

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Patrick Holmes is a clarinetist and former bassist from Austin, Texas. He has studied with Connie Crothers, Sabir Mateen, and Andriy Milavsky, and performed with Daniel Carter, Ryan Sawyer, Susan Alcorn, Brandon Lopez, Chris Corsano, Leila Bordreuil, Chris Williams, 75 Dollar Bill, Lester St. Louis, Sarah Sandoval, William Parker, Hilliard Greene, Jeremiah Cymerman, Federico Ughi, and many more. // + @patrickholmesclarinet

As both an instrumentalist and composer, Jessica Pavone explores the tactile and sensorial experience of music as a vibration-based medium. Pavone has been a composer in residence at the Ragdale Foundation, the Ucross Foundation, and Soaring Gardens, and has received grants from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts (2021), Queens Council on the Arts (2020), New Music USA (2015), the Tri-Centric Foundation (2015), Experiments in Opera (2013), the Jerome Foundation (2011), and MATA Interval (2007). Her works have premiered in NYC venues including Roulette, the Noguchi Museum, ISSUE Project Room, Abrons Art Center, the Museum of Art and Design, and The Kitchen. Her albums have been produced by Tzadik, Taiga Records, Thirsty Ear, Astral Spirits, and Relative Pitch, including four collaborative duo recordings with guitarist Mary Halvorson. From 2005 to 2012, Pavone toured regularly with Anthony Braxton’s Sextet and 12+1tet, and she appears on his discography from that time. // + @jjjessicapppavone

Julia Santoli is a multi-media artist, musician, and composer based in Brooklyn, New York. Creating immersive and precarious environments with voice, video, feedback, electronics, psycho-acoustics, and installation, Santoli navigates presence, memory, and postmemory-- memory ruptured by dislocation and inheritance (diaspora), mediated only through representation, projection, and creation. Santoli’s approach to vocalization integrates embodied practice with an attention to close listening and empathetic response in both the artist and audience, often tipping the scales between resonant clarity and extreme sonic states. Close collaborators include cellist Leila Bordreuil, saxophonist Tamio Shiraishi, bassist Zach Rowden, glockenspielist Trevor Saint, and producer GENG. // + @ilotnasailuj

Tamio Shiraishi has worked out of Queens, NY since the early 1990s and regularly plays solo sets in the NYC subway system. Much of Shiraishi's solo aesthetic is built off of interactions with a physical space. His latest solo release, Sora, was recorded in two locations, a cavernous performance space and a studio; true to form, those spaces play as much a part in the recordings as Shiraishi’s horn. Shiraishi's minimalism is only such on a macro scale, like Richter's grey paintings rendered in altissimo; his playing forces you to listen more closely in terms of the qualities of the individual pieces and as they pertain to the collection as a whole. His voice on the alto is challenging and resides on the extreme high end, far beyond the instrument's general utility. This album is a raw masterclass in Shiraishi's personal language of microintervallic saxophone. His recent collaborators include Gyna Bootleg, Tim Dahl, Leila Bordreuil, Carolyn Hietter, and Mike Sidnam. // + @tamioshiraishi