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• 7pm: NYC NOISE PRESENTS: Luke Stewart & Jarvis Earnshaw Quartet (Record Release), Crazy Doberman, Male Aggression (fb) @ seCret loCation, greenpoint, bklyn // male aggression = the power electronics noise project of heidi lorenz (aka octonomy)!

FOR TICKETS, send $15 via paypal or venmo with the note "7/7 ticket for [name]" (*before 5pm* 7/7); for address, email w/ subject WHERE IS CC

Male Aggression (Heidi Lorenz)

Male Aggression is the concept harsh noise project project of Heidi Lorenz, a Brooklyn-based sound artist also known as Octonomy (@octonomy). Male Aggression utilizes amplified power tools to generate sound; traditionally power tools can be viewed as cultural signifiers of aggressive masculinity. Lorenz works in multiple genres (harsh noise to darkwave to industrial and techno) and uses found sounds, field recordings, voice, power tools, samples, noise, reverb and distortion sequenced through hardware synthesizers to create pulsing, rhythmic soundscapes. Her DJ sets tend to be high-energy, harsh and punishing. Thematically, her work delves into themes of occultism, anti-religion & anti-capitalism. //

Crazy Doberman

Crazy Doberman (@crazy_doberman) began as an open, collaborative, and improvisational offshoot of Doberman. While Doberman existed as an Indiana quartet rooted primarily in the industrial and experimental-electronic musical traditions, Crazy Doberman has gone on to incorporate elements of free jazz, found sound, musique concrète, and diverse instrumentation into their recordings and performances.
The project originated as a series of collaborations with John Olson but has continued to include collaborations with various artists across a diverse musical spectrum. The live set generally consists of a rotating and revolving cast of core members alongside accompanying improvisors. These live sessions often function as source material for their recorded output, with most releases recorded and mixed by member Tim Gick. Leading members Drew Davis and Tim Gick will be joined by frequent collaborator Kyle Flanagan for two nights in New York for their north-east tour. // +

Luke Stewart & Jarvis Earnshaw Quartet

w/ Ryan Sawyer, Devin Waldman

Luke Stewart & Jarvis Earnshaw Quartet (w/ Ryan Sawyer, Devin Waldman). Recorded at Pioneer Works in Red Hook, Brooklyn towards the end of the dark winter of 2021, the six performances explore and embrace chaos, ultimately finding a serenity made only more striking by what precedes it. The calm after the storm.

"Earnshaw pays due respect to Indian Classical traditions while forging a language of his own, one that’s informed by Downtown Jazz and Avant Rock” (The Wire). His work is often described as a cinematic experience utilizing guitar, sitar, modified audio cassette tape loops and open reel tapes; provoking memories of past and beyond, warm and rich as does the noise from a record needle touching an LP; at times violently explosive yet soothing and irresistible.