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flyer by GENG PTP

• 7pm: PTP presents: Among the Rocks and Roots, HARDCOREBAE, Protect the Peace Quartet (Dis Fig, Dreamcrusher, King Vision Ultra, Tcheser Holmes), Swaya, LOKA (DJ) @ ridgewood presbyterian church (all ages), 59-14 70th ave, ridgewood, queens // u should know GENG & the ~good works~ of the fine ppl running purple tape pedigree (aka ptp)!! check out their releasesread up on their work, get psyched, <<TICKETS HERE>>

A night of ritual, experimentalism, and noise, with Richmond's Among the Rocks and Roots, HARDCOREBAE, the ~debut~ of the Protect The Peace Quartet (Dis Fig, Dreamcrusher, King Vision Ultra, & [TBA]), Swaya, and LOKA (DJ).


Among The Rocks And Roots

Richmond, VA's Among The Rocks And Roots is a two-piece consisting of Abdul Hakim Bilal (aka Grey Wulf / @grey_wulf) and Samuel Goff (@samuel_clinton_goff). They play aggressive, long and winding noise rock rooted in ritualistic ideas of trance-induction. The project has released two albums in a three album trilogy detailing their struggles with addiction and recovery. The trilogy's second album, Raga, was released by PTP and included among Bandcamp's essential releases; the third album will be released by Cacoponous Revival Recordings in 2023. // @_______atrr +


Adrian Miles is the solo artist behind both the beats and vocals for the genre blending project that is HARDCOREBAE. // @hardcore.bae +

Protect The Peace Quartet (Dis Fig, Dreamcrusher, King Vision Ultra, Tcheser Holmes)


For Felicia Chen (aka Dis Fig), risk-taking and provocation is an integral part of the creative process. The Berlin-based producer's live performances fleshes out the unflinching sonics of her PTP-released debut LP PURGE into an astonishing and annihilating spectacle where her singularity on stage augments its sense of personal exorcism. Marking a move away from the dancefloor strictures that Dis Fig continues to explore in her full-blooded, multi-layered DJ sets, her productions are a calculated procedure towards a new chaotic world. Chen places her own vocals at the forefront, which are tinted by fever dream atmospherics and morph between inconsolable distorted wails and polyphonic reverie. It’s an involuntary act, journeying into the body-breaking cost of emotional repression and the crippling catharsis that inevitably follows. More recently, Chen linked up with The Bug to create their album In Blue, released via Hyperdub Records, leaving her productions aside for intimate vocals and the lyricism to match. // + @dis_fig // photo by Alice Z Jones


Dreamcrusher is a New York City-based musician and artist, who describes the project as “nihilist queer revolt musik.” Dreamcrusher’s work is at once personal and abstract, revealing and antagonistic; performances and recordings shift between genres while subjecting the characteristic elements—melodies, beats, instrumentation—to distortion until the point of transformation. Dreamcrusher has released dozens of recordings with labels such as PTP, Fire Talk, and Corpus, as well as on Bandcamp and other online platforms. Dreamcrusher is also a member of the duo Centennial Gardens with King Vision Ultra. // PHOTO by Max Branigan // // merch // bc fan club // insta @drmcrshr


Manhattan born, Queens NYC residing, King Vision Ultra is the sonic/spatial/entity/channeling practice of GENG PTP (DJ, producer, poet/vocalist, educator, archivist, organizer, writer, sound engineer, visual artist, and physical trainer). King Vision Ultra entered in 2017 after a chain of life events led to further considering the importance of memory and voice, as they relate to remembrance and spirit - while also recalling his own archival practices, primarily through cassette tape. Much of King Vision Ultra's world addresses memory, the archive, self-actualization, and trauma. // Photo by Richard R. Ross // purpletapepedigree.bandcamp.comsoundcloud + insta + twitter @purpicide


An adventurous, New York-based drummer, Tcheser Holmes combines the influence of his Afro-Caribbean roots, avant-garde jazz, and electronic production. He records and performs as a solo artist, in a duo with Aquiles Navarro, and in the free jazz group Irreversible Entanglements. // @bigtcheser_



Massachusetts born -- Brooklyn based artist, producer and audio engineer Swaya specializes in sample-based electronics with tracks that stretch and fold over themselves in layers. Her music is at once beautiful and uneasy, filled with woozy synths and slinking drums designed to move both soul & body. // @swaya96 +


With a unique combination of skill and playful technique, Miami born, New York based artist and DJ, LOKA (Yesenia Rojas), harnesses a conceptual and confrontational approach to sound that is as intuitive as it is experimental. They create on the fringe, boldly disarming genre-hybrid expectations to deliver an undeniable sonic fierceness all their own. Emotional immersion and rhythmic surrendering are expected as they invite the reimagining of a dance floor: one with limitless possibility and transformative power. // +