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• 7pm: Relative Pitch Records x NYC Noise present: Sakina Abdou, Nava Dunkelman, Michael Foster / Joe Moffett / Eli Wallace, Tamio Shiraishi & Marie Carroll (fb@ [stone circle theatre at the] ridgewood presbyterian church (all ages), 59-14 70th ave, ridgewood, queens // TICKETS



Sakina Abdou

diner pic by kevin reilly, 10.31.22

Born in 1984 in Lille, France, where she currently lives, Sakina Abdou is a saxophonist, flautist and plastic artist. She studied the flute (early and contemporary music) and the saxophone (classical/contemporary/jazz) at the Music Academy of Lille and Roubaix. She graduated from the Fine Arts School of Tourcoing and Valenciennes (DNAP,DNSEP) and also has a State Diploma of Music Teacher.

Since 1998, she has been a member of various music bands in Lille’s area. In parallel to her studies, she has explored free improvisation, experimental and contemporary music within various entities: “La Pieuvre” orchestra, led by Olivier Benoit, part of the collective of musicians « Muzzix »; the band "Vazytouille”, part of the collective of musicians « Zoone Libre »; “Le Miroir et le marteau” led by rock drummer Guigou Chenevier; the FreeRock quintet “Eliogabal”; and the Toc Compulsive Brass band. Since 2014, she has collaborated with the Dedalus ensemble to reinterpret the work of American minimalist composers like Philip Glass or Moondog, and has also played with “Organik Orkeztra” led by the pianist Jeremy Ternoy from Lille and the Basque singer Kristof Hiriart.

In 2012, she co-founded “Bi-Ki?”, a duet with fellow saxophonist Jean-Baptiste Rubin. With a wish to explore acoustic as well as amplified sounds, they teamed up with Jean Luc Guionnet to record their first album (Quelque chose au milieu, 2016). They also collaborate with Simon Henocq during residencies where their work culminates in restitutions that are part live concert, part sound installation, part art performance.

Crossing over many styles, she is currently a member of the improvisation trio “Abdou Dang Orins” and Julien Tortora’s sextet “Phuisis” ( whose creations revolve around French philosopher Charles Fourrier’s work). She also took part in film screenings with live music, with Jean-Baptiste Rubin ("Le Bonheur") and Ivan Cruz ("Ciné-concert de papier"). She is also involved in other orchestral projects such as "le Grand Orchestre de Muzzix", “Ritual” with Organik Orkeztra, the “Red Desert Orchestra” led by Eve Risser, and “Hoketus & Slow Movement” (Dedalus/ Muzzix). Her musical activity has led her to collaborate with many artists including Satoko Fujii, Raymond Boni, Michael Pisaro, Anthony Pateras, Tom Johnson, & more. // insta: @sakina_abdou_officiel 


Nava Dunkelman is a percussionist and improviser based in Brooklyn, NY. Born in Tokyo, Japan and raised in a multi-cultural environment by an American father and Indonesian mother. Her musical approach is innovative and dynamic, combining virtuosity and intuition. Meticulous in an intrinsic way, she uses her distinctive sound palette to explore and give life to a vast spectrum of musical possibilities.

Nava's current projects are electro-percussion experimental noise duo IMA with Amma Ateria, and percussion duo Nomon with her sister Shayna Dunkelman. She also has performed and collaborated with Fred Frith, John Zorn, William Winant, Ikue Mori, Brandon Seabrook, Angélica Negrón, Pauchi Sasaki, and gabby fluke-mogul and many others. She has performed classical and contemporary pieces with the William Winant Percussion Group, Joan Jeanrenaud, San Francisco Girls Chorus, San Francisco Contemporary Music Players and others. // insta: @nldunk +


Michael Foster / Joe Moffett / Eli Wallace

Michael Foster is a saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist, curator, and improviser based in New York City dealing with various forms of "weird music". His work seeks to bridge the gaps between noise, improvisation, the jazz tradition, and queer theoretical practices. He works in duos with Ben Bennett, Leila Bordreuil, Lydia Lunch, and Richard Kamerman as The New York Review of Cocksucking. In addition, he has worked with William Parker, Weasel Walter, Marina Rosenfeld, Nate Wooley, Sarah Hennies, and many others. // insta: +

Joe Moffett is interested in mantras, glossolalia, katydids, bird calls, and metal pipes. He is a co-founder of ambient improv trio Earth Tongues with Carlo Costa and Dan Peck as well as Windscour with Zach Rowden and a synth-trumpet duo with Cecilia Lopez. He has also performed compositions by Carlo Costa (Strata), Vinny Golia, Tom Hamilton (Habitat Paradox), Cecilia Lopez (Machinic Fantasies, Dos (tres)), and Yoshi Wada (Earth Horns with Electronic Drone). Neither/Nor, Underwolf, Eh?, NotTwo, Tripticks Tapes, Tubapede, and Prom Night Records are homes to his recorded material. Joe can be found in the park with his head swiveling whilst shadows and silhouettes zing past. // insta:

Eli Wallace is a pianist, improviser, and composer who resides in Brooklyn, NY, leading his own projects, collaborating with other like-minded artists and co-curating the interdisciplinary performance series Invocation. His work as a pianist displays his vast milieu of experiences from classical, jazz, and free improvisation studies while incorporating contemporary performance practice and elaborate piano preparations. The result is a singular voice that Bruce Gallanter (Downtown Music Gallery) asserts “has steadily grown into one of the most adventurous pianists on the scene…His prepared piano work is in a class of its own.” His compositions employ notational strategies to broaden the manner in which musicians produce sound and the ways in which musicians interact. Over the past decade, he has appeared on dozens of albums and has performed at such esteemed venues as The Stone, Experimental Sound Studio, and the Outsound New Music Summit. // insta: @crate_on


Tamio Shiraishi & Marie Carroll

i will prolly change tamio back to his Usual Colors later, but marie's press pic is green/fuschia so i thought maybe they could match :')

Tamio Shiraishi has worked out of Queens, NY since the early 1990s and regularly plays solo sets in the NYC subway system. Much of Shiraishi’s solo aesthetic is built off of interactions with a physical space. His recent duos record, 月 (Moon), features collaborations with artists including Leila Bordreuil, Chris LiButti, Mike Sidnam, Nina Dante, Austin Sley Julian, Tim Dahl, Steve Baczkowski, & more. // insta: @tamioshiraishi


Marie Carroll is an American composer-improviser, electroacoustic musician, and koto player. Her work is influenced by natural phenomena and explores themes of liminality and transience. She enjoys using analog synthesizers and effects units. // insta: @marie.wav +