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gr8 wknd; mask up!!!

this is just a long meandering that i'm putting as a caption on an insta post w/ screenshots of 8/25-27, an ABSURDLY GOOD WEEKEND FOR MUSIC, absolutely CRAZYTOWN, but alas i will be there for none of it bc i have (finally??? possibly for the first time??????) been bested by covids :'( also tho adding the # for getting paxlovid even if you don't have a doctor (212-268-4319) bc in my personal & v limited experience paxlovid rules???

okay here's the other rambling...


at summer scum someone asked why i was wearing a mask & i kinda floundered, but the correct answer is SICKNESS SUCKS!!! I HATE BEING SICK, VERY MUCH!!!!

(when strangers ask i like to say “if u wanna see my face that bad i'll take it off for a drink ;)” & then just walk away regardless of their response lol)

i think HATING SICKNESS is a normal human thing, but maybe i hate it more than other ppl, or am a big wuss??? idk, but i'm also big into ~TREASURING MY HEALTH~ cuz this year is the healthiest i've been in like maybe MY ENTIRE LIFE…

*i* didn't get f*cked up by covid (while i assume i *must* have had it by now, this is actually the first i've known / tested positive... & THIS CLUB SUX), but pandemic f*ckery has normalized heart problems in 30-somethings enough that docs are actually looking for them now –– so someone listened to my heart & heard it fucking up, & i got a cardiologist & meds for low blood pressure, & now i don't feel terrible all the time: HOW COOL!!! :D

i wish that could've happened WITHOUT all the mass death & stuff, & yes i feel ambivalent / kinda guilty, but that's why i'm doing things like finally adding access info & also throwing hissy fits about banks on the internet okay!!! relatedly STOP PRESENTING EVENTS WITH BANKS & NASDAQ & WALL STREET OR I'MMA THROW RED PAINT ON U!!! THE ORGS DOING THIS COULD AFFORD TO DO THE SAME EVENTS W/ OUT THE YUCK!!! MY FAST-APPROACHING MID-LIFE CRISIS WILL INCLUDE ACTS OF SABOTAGE; U HAVE 1-2 YEARS TO STOP THIS SH*T, AFTER WHICH U MAY SUFFER WRATH!!!! also GET IN TOUCH IF U WANNA HELP WITH WRATH; i especially need more ~hackers~ in my life, & ppl skilled at breaking things [open]

side note, i still feel like sh*t but my misery is WAY LESS since paxlovid, HIGHLY RECOMMEND; if u don’t have a doctor u can call 212-268-4319 (in nyc!)

slides = screenshots of for 8/25-27, 1st w/ big block text saying “WOW POSSIBLY BEST WKND OF MUSIC SO FAR THIS YEAR??? I’M SPENDING IT HOME W/ COVIDS :'( PROTECT YR PALS; MASK UP!! IF U TEST POSI BUT HAVE NO DOC, CALL 212-268-4319 FOR PAXLOVID!!"

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