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bandcamp’s the only remotely-ethical online platform for buying music––even after processing fees it’s waaay more reasonable than garbage like spotify––so buy some things // my collection here // for ease of loading, no bc players on this full(er) listing; rotating releases in/outta featured page to keep things more manageable. not just bandcamp tho! including links to other sites, usually for merch.

when you SUBMIT YR RELEASE, please use format here: artist name, release title, price in parenthesis, double slash before any fundraiser copy, & link, e.g., << Moor Mother & Olof Melander, ANTHOLOGIA 01 ($8) // Disability Justice Tape Series donating to Futurist Fund >> // please don’t wait until day-of-sale, if posting fundraiser! // if you should be here & aren’t PLZ RESEND, accidentally lost some in an update eek!

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Vol.1: BASS (Chaikin Records, ft. Brandon Lopez, Luke Stewart, Trevor Dunn, Richard Hoffman; $8)


STUFF I LIKE VOL​.​3: for the NY Immigrant Freedom Fund + COVID Bail Out NYC ($7) // ft. Samantha Riott & Chris Pitsiokos, Patrick Higgins, Jessica Pavone, Next Bus Pls (Kwami Winfield & Sam “Sam” Hafferty), Joanna Mattrey, Brandon Lopez, Samara Lubelski, Brian Chase, Manami Mizumoto & J, Aquiles Navarro, Mariel Roberts, Luke Stewart, Jay Campbell, Tyshawn Sorey // fundraiser for COVID Bail Out NYC & the New York Immigrant Freedom Fund (100% proceeds forev) // PAYPAL | VENMO

STUFF I LIKE VOL.2: FOR COVID BAIL OUT NYC (name your price) // Ft. Charmaine Lee, Ishmael Ali, Cecilia Lopez, Lester St. Louis, Victoria Shen, Daniel Carter, Javier Areal Vélez, Nat Baldwin, Weston Olencki // 100% proceeds for NYC Noise comps 1 & 2 go to COVID Bail Out NYC: “We bail out our Black & brown siblings in NYC jails, prioritizing those who are medically vulnerable.” // PAYPAL | VENMO

STUFF I LIKE VOL.1: FOR COVID BAIL OUT NYC ($5+) // Matteo Liberatore, Violeta García, Carlos Quebrada, Matt Nelson, C. Spencer Yeh, gabby fluke-mogul, Weasel Walter, Aaron Dilloway // 100% proceeds for NYC Noise comps 1 & 2 go to COVID Bail Out NYC: “We bail out our Black & brown siblings in NYC jails, prioritizing those who are medically vulnerable.” // PAYPAL | VENMO


HOA010 ($25) // who’s who of Black electronic music ft. EVERYONE: AceMo, Akua, BEARCAT, Bookworms, DJ SWISHA, JADALAREIGN, Kush Jones, MoMA Ready, Russell E. L. Butler, Speaker Music, & way more


PULSELESS Vol.1 ($15) // NYC Experimental Scene of 2008-2012, ft. Orie Mars Orie, The Creep, Din Glorious, Stranger Danger, Monstress, Gila Monster, Parasite Singles, Pop. 1280, Monstress, Sediment Club, Turbosleaze, Mortatar, Signal Break, Genuine Imitaions, Radio Shock // Proceeds to mutual aid groups Club A in NYC and Bushwick Ayuda Mutua


TREVORSHAUS Familiars: Volume I ($10) // LEYA, Speaker Music, C. Spencer Yeh, Child (Gavilán Rayna Russom), Haitlin, King Vision Ultra, Reliquary V x Anne Lesley Selcer, Venïson Man, Sebastian Maria, Macy Rodman // Fundraiser for Emergency Relief Fund, “a NYC grassroots organization paying bail and coordinating release for trans pre-trial individuals” // VENMO (@trevorshaus)

13 million year old ghost (Nick Zinner)

13 million year old ghost ($8)

2nd, 2uarm (Sam “Sam” Hafferty)

DONATE via VENMO (@soylent) (i know!!!) or PAYPAL:

2nd, Celebration Collections (name your price)
2uarm, Long_Empty_Field (name your price)
2uarm, Miami Cannibal Attack (Tall Tapes) (name your price)
“Sam,” Exit Sim (name your price)
“Sam”, Target Sport (name your price)

75 Dollar Bill

Live at Cafe OTO (name your price)


Mind Jungle ($10)
Berlin Recordings ($5)
EP2 ($7)
Existential ($8)

Jessica Ackerley

Federico Musso & Jessica Ackerley, Nervios calavera en roja cinta en una noche en bruma gualda ($7)
Jessica Ackerley Trio, Coalesce ($7-10) // skeletal postrock, loosened-(but-still-)tight(!)rope free jazz // clarity & direction but sometimes you’ll forget Composition; ~thicks~ more hard-pulled upright buzz & cymbal shimmer than pedal-wash (trends sparse) // “deliberate” is overused but *yup* // last track gets the lush swell, muntz & fraser tear it up
A New Kind of Water ($7-10)

The Server ($7-10)

Brian Shankar Adler

Fourth Dimension ($10-15)


Loste (pre-order; $8)

Max Alper (Peretsky)

Cuarentena Canovanas ($1)
Electronic Music That Has Rhythm ($7)

ALPHAWHORE (Cochrane, Shea, Beeferman)

Alphawhore ($6)


An Unknown Infinite ($12–15)


Banned In LA (w/ Damion Romero, Gerald Xe Jupitter-Larsen, Geoff Brandin, Bob Bellerue, Erik Hoffman, Howard D Stelzer; name your price to $10 handmade 7″)

Bentley Anderson / BA/NS

Trances Are ($1+)
BA/NS (Bentley Anderson & Nick Stevens), To Shadow The One ($7)

Angels in America

Cunt Tree Grammer ($5)
Miami Angels in America: A Public Ranking (name your price)

Anteloper (jaimie branch & Jason Nazary)

Kudu ($7-11)

Amma Ateria

IMA (Nava Dunkelman & Amma Ateria), The Flowers Die in Burning Fire – 炎の中で死にゆく花 ($8-25)

Onyx Ashanti

Node​:​0​-​:​initialization suite​:​(​2013​-​2020) ($7)

Baczkowski / Lopez / Corsano

Old Smoke ($10)

Ka Baird

Bespires ($5)
Respires ($11-27) // extended technique vox (harsh breathwork, growl-drops, chitterings, flute-trill, scampery lil creature w/ sharp teeth) // percussi-range from digi-feel chime drone clicks to Feels Bodied // ft. rowden, eilbacher, fitzpatrick, fox

Ka Baird with Chris Corsano

Kinematics ($5-20)

Federico Balducci

long distance dreams (name your price)

Nat Baldwin

AUTONOMIA II: Recombinations ($5-7) // VENMO (@Nat-Baldwin)
AUTONOMIA I: Body Without Organs ($7-30) // VENMO (@Nat-Baldwin)


Liquid Sugar (name your price)

Being & Becoming (Evans, Ross, Jozwiak, Harris)

Being & Becoming [Peter Evans, Joel Ross, Nick Joziwak, Savannah Harris] ($12-25)

Bob Bellerue

Live Wire ($5)
Essential Work (name your price)
Princess Turnt ($4–10) // 2 remaining 7″ // improvised drone-noise, slow churn w/ creepy buried highs, something lurching, gets sinister

Bob Bellerue & Marcia Bassett

Endless Parabolas (free download)

Tim Berne & Nasheet Waits

The Coandă Effect ($10-$15)

Lea Bertucci

Resonant Field ($10-23)

Big Scary Indian

Chicome Malinalli (name your price digital, $7 tape) // lush freak-folk art-prog synthpop-metal-crunch video game soundtrack…? idk but deliciously fun & catchy & possibly brilliant

Blacks’ Myths (Luke Stewart & Trae Crudup III)

Birth of a Nation (name your price; single)
Blacks’ Myths II ($9) // …i mean you know i love this duo *hard*
Blacks’ Myths ($7) // “lower south”: loud enough when you can feel the bass in yr throat

Annie Blech

Vehicular Noise Bank Tape ($1)
Unearthed Speaking ($2+)
Air Force ($2)


hmmngbd (name your price)

Bonnie Baxter

Bonnie Baxter, AXIS ($8-9) // mutant techno o’clock; “NO DICC” an insta-classic


continuation school ($5)
dyslexia two ($6)

dyslexia ($6)
“African Rhythms” (single; $2)
diagnostics (name your price)

floating on air / hanging by a thread ($3)

Leila Bordreuil

Headflush ($8) // “unprocessed amplified cello works”

Leila Bordreuil / Michael Foster

The Caustic Ballads (name your price-$10)

Leila Bordreuil / Bill Nace / Tamio Shiraishi

Live at Pageant Soloveev ($6)

Brickwork (Del Castillo, Muntz, Hansen)


Peter Brötzmann / Fred Lonberg-Holm

Memories of a Tunicate ($10-$15)

Griffin Brown

Untitled / Live in the Virtual World ($5)

BUKA (Aimée Niemann & Marija Kovačević)

winter (name your price)
autumn ($10; 6 cassettes remaining)

Taylor Ho Bynum, John Hébert, Gerald Cleaver: Book Of Three

Continuum ($10-$15)

Cal Fish

Sound States for Myssi ($5-10)
Cassette Traveller ($9-10)

Daniel Carter, Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Gerald Cleaver

Welcome Adventure! Vol. 1 ($10-$25; pre-order)

Center For Whatever (Lindaman & Öhman-Frölund)

Boogie Spiderland ($5-7)

Dean Cercone

Dead Wine (name your price)

Dean Cercone / Jarvis Earnshaw / Mike Garcia


Chama (Falcón, Trujillo, García)

“Hexágono” (single; $1.50) // i really loved this band skeletonbreath, but they disbanded years ago & you almost def have no idea who they are so the reference i wanna make here is useless but… this is a violin / guitar / drums shred-fest ok??

Brian Chase / Drums and Drones

Drums and Drones: Decade (3CD + 144pg book w/ artwork + download, $30)
Correlations: Keti Kartveli & Brian Chase (digi name your price; w/ framed artwork, $80)

Abhilasha Chebolu & Ishmael Ali

Many Calmly Ordered Rules Of Death ($6)

Child Abuse

Imaginary Enemy ($8.75–$27.85)
Cut And Run ($10)

Gerald Cleaver

Signs ($10-25) // solo electronix album?!
Gerald Cleaver’s Black Host, Life in the Sugar Candle Mines ($9) // w/ Cooper-Moore, Brandon Seabrook, Darius Jones, Pascal Niggenkemper

clebs (Emilie Weibel & Jason Nazary)

fault sequence (name your price)
I’m Here ($5-12)


D1G1TAL F0R3NS1CS ($7)

Loren Connors

Unaccompanied Acoustic Guitar Improvisations Vol. 10 ($7 digital, $100 hand-painted (by Connors) vinyl)

The Cradle

Laughing In My Sleep ($9-$20)

Crazy Doberman

FOUR hymns for UN​-​REST (name your price)


xDream ($10–20) // PAYPAL // vinyl $20 + $10 shipping U.S.
Haptics ($5) // PAYPAL
Immolated ($5) // PAYPAL

sally decker / multa nox

multa nox, Living Pearl ($10)

Aaron Dilloway

Uss Orgo ($5) // includes bonus tracks & sound sources!
Chicken Traces (name your price)
Hatched Eggs ($5)
Banned / Bent ($5)

Aaron Dilloway & C. Lavender

Secret Destroyed Instantly ($5)

Dis Fig

PURGE ($10-12) // Release includes a PDF of ‘The End Of Policing’ by Alex S Vitale.

Marilu Donovan & Tristan Kasten-Krause

Nowhere ($5+)

Dezron Douglas

“Solomon Grundy” (single track, $0.99+)
Dezron Douglas Black Lion ($6)

Tica Douglas

Lo ($13)

Ian Douglas-Moore

Ian Douglas-Moore & Leo Suarez, Stubborn Plane ($5-7)
Three Fate Tales ($5-10)


DONATE via VENMO (@drmcrshr)

Nexus Nectarine Session 5
Juneteenth (Extended Club Mix) ($10.99)
Another Country ($10-15)
Panopticon! ($10-12)
Rarities (2003​-​2016) ($20) // a classic w/ ridic range (skip around & listen to bits of a few of these sixteen tracks); you may know bklyn techno-noise better than me, but if you don’t own this by now then *hey* you missed a spot
Hackers All of Them Hackers ($10) // if i joke “hurts so bad it’s good” harshery, understand i mean literally *hurts* –– but beyond-deep beats & punishing deferrals, snags you on that dopamine hook // no embed, but if you love them, you’ll love this

Nick Dunston

Carrboro Improvisations ($5)
Atlantic Extraction ($8-15) // w/ Louna Dekker-Vargas, Ledah Finck, Tal Yahalom, Stephen Boegehold

Aaron Edgcomb

Three Airs by Frank O’Hara ($6–10)
Erato (I​,​II​,​IV​,​VII​,​VIII) ($10)

Wendy Eisenberg

Dehiscence (2020) ($6)


Ekmeles: A Howl, That Was Also A Prayer ($10)


Live Album ($6.66)


Vital Creatures ($9-20)


Atrophy Wife ($5)
Hair Birth ($7 to $$$)

Sandy Ewen (& more)

Tamio Shiraishi & Ewen / id m theftable & Ewen ($5)
SE & Henry Kaiser, Lake Monsters ($7-10)
You Win ($7)
Red Currant, The Fruit ($5)

Faccia Brutta

Eyes With Nothing Behind Them (name your price)


Noise Project For The New American Century (name your price)

David First / The Western Enisphere

The Consummation of Right and Wrong ($15-$20)

Eunhye Jeong & Noa Fort (2 Begets 3)

2 Begets 3 (name your price)

gabby fluke-mogul

violinist/noiser gabby moved from oakland to ridgewood aaaand was promptly corona-cornered :/ but Internet, so betting you’ll catch them soon if you haven’t already // a full-throated abrasive; violining a mutually-brutalizable relationship; spells of frantic but sometimes just lovely

thread ($7) // PAYPAL:
to alejandra pizarnik ($5) // PAYPAL:

The Flying Luttenbachers

Greatest Hits (name your price)
Imminent Death ($8-32)

Food Corps

VENMO (@wrckt) donations for SOUNDCLOUD
DEMO (name your price)
DEMO ii (name your price)

Michael Foster (& more)

Grist for the Mill ($5)
Michael Foster / Ben Bennett / Jacob Wick, Glove Issues ($7-8)
Michael Foster / Katherine Young / Michael Zerang, Bind the Hand​(​s) That Feed ($7-12)

Fox Millions Duo (Greg Fox & Kid Millions)

Biting Through ($9-18)

Henry Fraser (& more)

Buzzed ($7)
Henry Fraser & Sam Weinberg, BUST ($7)

Gallery S/MoMA Ready

Gallery S ($10)

Matthew D. Gantt

hubSounds ($7)
Diagnostics ($7-9)


PTP​-​RIDD01 (Narc) ($9) // Release includes a PDF of ‘The End Of Policing’ by Alex S Vitale.
Screwing Yourself To Live: A Chopped & Slowed Tribute To Black Sabbath (name your price) // Release includes a PDF of ‘The End Of Policing’ by Alex S Vitale.

Kate Gentile

Mannequins ($15)

Geoff Gersh (Ambient Fields)

Ambient Fields, Ólafsfjörður ($10-20)
Geoff Gersh, Masses ($5-10)


SubGloydals 2020 ($10) // Improvising quintet Gloyd: Ruth Garbus, Andy Allen, Wendy Eisenberg, Donald Warner Shaw, Neil ‘Cloaca’ Young // Fundraiser for a wmass-based mutual aid collective


My House ($8–17)

Alec Goldfarb’s Laughing Coffin

Laughing Coffin ($7) // VENMO (@Alec-Goldfarb) // works by guitarist/composer goldfarb ft. *profoundly* wicked crew: xavier del castillo (sax), nolan tsang (trmp), yuma uesaka (cl., sax), mat muntz (bass), steven crammer (drumz); i like that it’s called a “chamber ensemble” bc… true! but expect heavy *haunted free jazz* vibes


Luminous Fluid / Luminous Fields ($7)
GORPLORD & Michael Beggs, Nothing To See Here ($7-12)

Devin Gray

GPS Trio, Blast Beat Blues ($7)
Devin Gray’s Algorhythmica ($5)

GRID (Nelson, Dahl, Podgurski)

Decomposing Force ($9-19) // I LUV GRID
GRID ($8-10) // i luv this band so much
Stranglehold : The world according to Herbert Huncke (ft. Lydia Lunch) (single; $1.29)

David Grollman

David Grollman & Nathaniel Morgan, Dybbuk ($3) // voices sax Things; both tracks v *differently* devastating // a little g. stein-ian, but she’d never let you as close as track 1
Bubble Wrap Cocoon ($2) // dog in roughage; searing scrape ring; collaborolalia

Mary Halvorson

Reverse Blue ($10-$15)

Mary Halvorson & Weasel Walter

Opulence ($7)

Vicente Hansen Atria

In quiet places where the moss grows green ($1)

Heart of the Ghost (Jarrett Gilgore, Luke Stewart, Ian McColm)

Live in Detroit ($7)
Heart of the Ghost II ($7-18)

Carolyn Hietter & Alden Slack

instead of floral plant motifs ($5) // alto sax & bari sax; gets grinningly skronk’d

Patrick Higgins 

Patrick Higgins & Josh Modney, EVRLY MVSIC ($8-10)

Colin Hinton & Glassbath

Colin Hinton: Simulacra ($10-15)
Glassbath ($10-13)

Christopher Hoffman

Induction ($4-$7)

Adam Holmes

Compartments ($5-10)

William Hooker Trio (w/ Ava Mendoza, Damon Smith)

Remembering ($6)

Jason Kao Hwang​/​Human Rites Trio (w/ Ken Filiano, Andrew Drury)

Human Rites Trio ($10–$15)


Brain on Fire ($10)

id m theft able

A tuba (with a microphone in it) (name your price)
Folk and or Stereo Separation in Thrift Stores (name your price)

The Invisible Party (Lipscomb, Kotheimer, Treut)

Shuman Kind ($8)

Irreversible Entanglements

IRREVERSIBLE LIVE IN ITALY ($12) // IE: Aquiles Navarro, Camae Ayewa, Keir Neuringer, Luke Stewart, Tcheser Holmes
Who Sent You? ($9-27) // IE: Aquiles Navarro, Camae Ayewa, Keir Neuringer, Luke Stewart, Tcheser Holmes


Irrevery Volume I ($10-20)

JeJaWeDa (Bishop/Blonk/Walter/Smith)

Pioneer Works Vol. 1 BPA 19 ($7-12) // only these prices at *this* link, & it’s absurd, just go listen


greasy deals (name your price)

Darius Jones

Darius Jones Quartet ft. Emilie Lesbros, Le bébé de Brigitte (Lost in Translation) ($11-14)

Darius Jones & Matthew Shipp

The Darkseid Recital ($11-14)

Dan Joseph

Electroacoustic Works ($9-15)
John Ingle/Dan Joseph Duo, trancepatterns ($10-12)

Nicholas Jozwiak

Primary Passion in Dependency
Empathogen, Infinite Lies in the Now (name your price) // solo electronics
Nightingale’s Reasoning (name your price) // solo cello

Junction Trio (Stefan Jackiw, Jay Campbell, Conrad Tao)

Trapani​/​Ives​/​Dvořák (Live) ($10)


KADAWA ($12)

KALA$HNIKOV (Jamie Saft & Mike Pride)

INDICA ($7.77)

Victoria Keddie

Apsides ($8–17 for USB with video artwork)

Kepla & DeForrest Brown, Jr.

The Wages of Being Black is Death ($10) // Release includes a PDF of ‘The End Of Policing’ by Alex S Vitale.
Absent Personae ($10) // Release includes a PDF of ‘The End Of Policing’ by Alex S Vitale.

Kid Millions

The Sanguine Cadaver ($7)

Kid Millions & Ben Lanz (Million Lands)

The Ochre World ($10-17)

Kid Millions & Sarah Bernstein

Broken Fall ($10-25)

Amirtha Kidambi Elder Ones

From Untruth ($9-19)

Amirtha Kidambi & Lea Bertucci

End of Softness ($8) // Proceeds to Brooklyn Bail Fund
Phase Eclipse ($8)


KILL ALTERS, no self helps ($6) // powerhouses B. Baxter, Hisham A. Bharoocha, & Nicos Kennedy bring the big-beat psych-creep

King Vision Ultra

Archive 011018 (KVUmix01) ($10) // Proceeds to the NYC COVID-19 Response Fund for Black New Yorkers (co-organized by Black Alliance for Just Immigration, BYP100, and Decrim NY)
Pain Of Mind ($7)

Kinsmen and Strangers

Faustian Pact ($7-10)


At Every Age (name your price) // noise drone

Yoni Kretzmer (& more)

Yoni Kretzmer / Pascal Niggenkemper / Weasel Walter, ProtestMusic ($8-13)
Yoni Kretzmer 2Bass Quartet, Mis-Take ($8.50–$12.50)
Yoni Kretzmer’s New Dilemma, Months, Weeks and Days ($10.50–17)

Jen Kutler

The Ways We Wait ($4–6)

Max Kutner

World ($10)

M. Lamar

M. Lamar / Hunter Hunt-Hendrix / James Ilgenfritz, M. Lamar Live ($7) // VENMO (@m-lamar-1), PAYPAL (
M. Lamar & Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, Funeral Doom Spiritual ($10) // VENMO (@m-lamar-1), PAYPAL (
M. Lamar & The Living Earth Show, LORDSHIP AND BONDAGE: THE BIRTH OF THE NEGRO SUPERMAN ($8) // VENMO (@m-lamar-1), PAYPAL (

Graham Lambkin & Joe McPhee

The Wolf Has Come Down from the North ($5 digital to $50 handmade art+vinyl)


Sun Piano (£10–£18; pre-order)
Unicorns in Paradise ($4-10)
Bring On The Sun (£10–£17)

C. Lavender

Vanishing Light ($7-15)
Myth of Equilibrium (preorder; €7)

Charmaine Lee

a stone widens it ($6)
Ggggg ($7)

Okkyung Lee

Yeo​-​Neun (€7–€19)

David Leon / Chris Pitsiokos / Asher Kurtz

Current Obsession Vol. 1 ($7)

Leverage Models [Present:]

Greys [Various Artists, incl. Booker Stardrum, Kill Alters, Wendy Eisenberg, Trevor Dunn] ($10)

Elliott Levin Trio (w/ Chad Taylor & Luke Stewart)

Tin – Tabu – Latin’ – Rhyth – Hymn ($10)

James Brandon Lewis

An UnRuly Manifesto ($10-15)

James Brandon Lewis & Chad Taylor

Live in Willisau ($10


Flood Dream ($9–19)
The Fool ($10)

Eartheater & LEYA, Angel Lust (€3.50)

Matteo Liberatore

full discography (Gran Sasso, Solos, & Build A Gold House To Bury The Devil w/ catherine sikora) for… $16.15 // i know *i’m* not sure if it’s ok, either, but you should still get it // VENMO (@matteo-liberatore)
Gran Sasso ($5+) // VENMO (@matteo-liberatore)
Catherine Sikora & Matteo Liberatore, Build A Gold House To Bury The Devil ($5) // VENMO (@matteo-liberatore)
Solos ($9–$12) // this is from early 2018 & it was TERRIBLY slept-on & you should go listen & love it // VENMO (@matteo-liberatore)

Chris LiButti

Live at The Sump ($2)
Climbing Backward ($4) // crunchier, some panics

Liederkreis (Judith Berkson)

Liederkreis ($7-15)

Jacob Lindsay/Ava Mendoza/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter

Jus ($5-14)


H​.​A​.​Q​.​Q. ($7-18)

Charlie Looker / Psalm Zero

Psalm Zero, Sparta ($8-15)
Charlie Looker, Simple Answers ($8)

Charlie Looker & Mike Pride


Brandon Lopez

STGM ($10) // PAYPAL
the sodom salt ($10+) // PAYPAL
LÓPEZ 4TET (B.Lopez, C.Lopez, G.Cleaver, S.Baczkowski), Diptych ($5+) // PAYPAL
Brandon Lopez Trio (w/ Gerald Cleaver, Steve Baczkowski), Triptych ($7) // PAYPAL
violent starts at the tongue ($10) // PAYPAL
quoniam facta sum vilis ($5 at this link?!) // PAYPAL
Old Smoke ($10) // Steve Baczkowski, Chris Corsano, Brandon Lopez // PAYPAL

Cecilia Lopez

Red / Machinic Fantasies ($8)

López López (Cecilia Lopez & Brandon Lopez)

DOS EP ($7)
lopezlopez ($10+) // PAYPAL

LOPLOP (Lipscomb, Sundland, Mofjell)


Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe

¿¿Ohh​?​? (for Folke Rabe) ($10)
Mind Kontrol ($8)

La Dialectique Peut​-​Elle Casser​.​.​. ? ($10)


L’Rain (Deluxe Edition) ($10)

Samara Lubelski / Bill Nace

Samara Lubelski / Bill Nace ($10)



Lutkie (Sarah Lutkenhaus)

The Dominator is Cuddled Inside Me (name your price)

Paul Lytton

“​?​”​!​” ($7-13)

Manikineter / Carl Kavorkian

Manikineter, Not as They Do ($5)
Carl Kavorkian, EleNtine ($5-6)

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

Irregular (€7)

Joanna Mattrey

Veiled ($10)

Anaïs Maviel

“Bleu Blanc Black” ($2+)
in the garden ($7-12)
hOULe ($7-12)

John McCowen

| OBF 14 | ($5)
4 Chairs in 3 Dimensions ($8)

Chris McIntyre / TILT Brass

To TILT: Vol. 1, Original Music for TILT Brass by McIntyre, Didkovsky, Coleman, Hasselbring, Wooley ($5-10)
UllU (David Shively & Chris McIntyre), August ($5-10)

Greg McMullen & Luke Schwartz

Greg McMullen & Luke Schwartz ($7)

Grey Mcmurray

Stay Up ($7-21)

Joe McPhee

One Day​​.​​​.​​​.​​A Lightning Storm ($7–$14; 8 vinyl remaining)
The Willisau Concert ($15)
Joe McPhee & Michael Zerang, Creole Gardens (A New Orleans Suite) ($10)

Joe McPhee & Paal Nilssen-Love

Song for the Big Chief, Song for the Big Chief (€10–€12)

Frank Meadows

From ($5) // solo upright bass but also monster in basement
Used Music (name your price)


megalophobe ($3)

Ava Mendoza / Unnatural Ways

Unnatural Ways (Mendoza, Dahl, Ospovat), The Paranoia Party ($7)
Ava Mendoza / Maxime Petit / Will Guthrie ($4)
AMPULEX COMPRESSA (comp. Trevor Dunn) ($2)

Mezzanine Swimmers (Mike Green)

Black Cat in Heat ($7-17)
Video Daughters (Green & Gonzalez), Cut Back ($5)

Joe Moffett


Kate Mohanty

Live @ Trans​-​Pecos Nov 22, 2019 ($5)

Lesley Mok

“Maquette” (single; name your price)

Jemeel Moondoc

The Zookeeper’s House ($10-15)
Jemeel Moondoc & Hilliard Greene, Cosmic Nickelodeon ($10-$15)
Jemeel Moondoc & Connie Crothers, Two ($10-$15)


“i’m gonna sit right down and write myself a letter (fats waller cover)” ($1; single)

Moor Mother (& YATTA, Olof Melander, more)

Moor Mother & YATTA, DIAL UP ($10)
BLACK QUANTUM FUTURISM, Waiting Time​/​Weighting​/​Wading Time: On Juneteenth, Watch Night, Freedom’s Eve, and Emancipation Day ($7)
Moor Mother & Olof Melander, ANTHOLOGIA 01
($8) // Disability Justice Tape Series donating to the Futurist Fund
Nicole Mitchell & Moor Mother, Offering – Live at Le Guess Who ($7-10)

Kyle Motl

In Search of a Certain Bird ($7)
Treesearch (Keir GoGwilt & Kyle Motl), Know More Knowledge ($10-14)

Kyle Motl / Patrick Shiroishi / T.J. Borden

in this failing light ($7)


MY MURDER ($6-8)


Cybernetic Coil ($3-20)

Luisa Muhr

Synesthesia ($4)

Aron Namenwirth

Gettin’ Hot ($7)

Nastie Band

Nastie Band ($10-21)

Aquiles Navarro


Nebu La

Songs From the Edge of The Algorhythm ($10)

The New York Review of Cocksucking (Foster & Kamerman)

Total Cruise Worship ($7)

Next Bus Pls (Kwami Winfield & Sam Hafferty)

corridor on the back of hand (vibeogrpshy) (name your price)


10​:​10 ($1, track)
cyber hunt ($2, track)

Adam O’Farrill

El Maquech (name your price)

Weston Olencki

SOLO WORKS ($7-15)
EN (Etienne Nillesen & Weston Olencki), loop south ($7)
synthetics [a] (name your price)

Aki Onda

Nam June’s Spirit Was Speaking To Me ($10)

One Bloody Pony

What Is A Meat Head? (Greatest Hits) (Remastered) (name your price)


Machines That Kill People ($7)
Red Summer ($9 digital to $45 vinyl + book of epistles (4 remaining))
Kongo​/​Mercy EP ($3)
Ennui ($7-15)
Spooks ($7)

Opening Bell

Accelerated Nepenthetude ($7)

Eivind Opsvik

Overseas V ($9-18)


Roach Goin’ Down ($7-16)
Palberta on Audiotree Live ($8)

paleontol0gist (Jonah Rosenberg)


Parasite Nurse

Human Fluid Rot Split ($3)
North Dumpling ($5) // VENMO (@falafelchula)
Split with Scab Addict (name your price)

Undeserving (name your price)

William Parker

Trencadis [ a selection from Migration of Silence Into and Out of The Tone World ] ($10)
I Plan To Stay A Believer: The Inside Songs Of Curtis Mayfield ($16-35)

Zeena Parkins & Brian Chase

Live at San Damiano Mission ($10–$25)

Jessica Pavone

J. Pavone String Ensemble, Lost and Found ($8–14)
J. Pavone String Ensemble, Brick and Mortar ($12-14)
In the Action ($7)

PC Worship

Future Phase ($10)

Phonon (A. Domene, E. Sharp, C. Marston, W. Walter)

Alloy ($8)

Chris Pitsiokos / CP Unit

Speak In Tongues ($10)
CP Unit, One Foot On The Ground Smoking Mirror Shakedown ($10-14)

Chris Pitsiokos’ Fucm Hawj (Crawford, Mattrey, Ultan, Fraser)

Steeple ($9)

Pope Francis

Wonder ($1)

Mike Pride & id m theft able

Mike Pride & id m theft able (BUNDA LOVE), Foreman’s Mustache ($7.79)

Proninny + Szenia

“Live @ Flowers” (single; $1+)

Pulverize the Sound (Peter Evans, Tim Dahl, Mike Pride)

sequel ($12)
Pulverize The Sound ($10-$15)

Carlos Quebrada

Genosidra, RUIN ($7)
Cabeza de termo, Pillaje y depredación ($7) // Compositions by Carlos Quebrada, w/ Andrés Elstein, Mariano Cepeda, Pablo Moser, Daniel Iván Bruno, Lucas Goicoechea, Juan Olivera




break through arrive here ($7)
whim ($5)


Instructions Unclear ($8+)

Tomeka Reid, Taylor Ho Bynum, Kyoko Kitamura, Joe Morris

Geometry of Distance ($10-15)
Geometry of Caves ($10-15)

Tomeka Reid / Filippo Monico

The Mouser ($10-15)

Tomeka Reid Quartet

Old New ($10)

The Rhythm Method

A Very Wandelweiser Christmas ($7)

Samantha Riott / Rodenticide


Bloodletting ($7)
Rodenticide ($7)

Matana Roberts

Always. ($10-$15)
Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis ($9-20)
Coin Coin Chapter Three: river run thee ($9-20)

Matt Robidoux

Brief Candles ($5)

Erin Rogers

Dawntreader ($7-15)

Joel Ross

Home (name your price) // w/ Kalia Vandever, Harish Raghavan, Craig Weinrib

Good Vibes, Touched By An Angel​/​Evidence (T​.​Monk) (name your price) // w/ Immanuel Wilkins, Jeremy Corren, Ben Tiberio, Jeremy Dutton

claire rousay

Both ($7)
Alex Cunningham & claire rousay, Specifically The Water ($8-14)
subscribe to claire rousay ($24/year, all releases)



History Of Heat ($10)
SHELL EP ($8-17)
DROWN IT (single; name your price)

Saint Abdullah

Where do we go, now? ($11-12) // All proceeds of this album go to the New York Immigration Coalition. Includes a PDF of ‘The End Of Policing’ by Alex S Vitale.

Colin Sanderson (Pulcinella, Lauwghters)

HALPY 2 – an Intrakozmic Comedy

Scant (Matt Boettke)

At Fault (name your price)
In Simulating Drowning (name your price) 

Gaya Feldheim Schorr

I Have Considered The Lilies ($12) // w/ Grey Mcmurray, Tal Yahalom, Eva Lawitts, Adam O’Farrill

Brandon Seabrook Trio (w/ Gerald Cleaver, Cooper-Moore)

Exultations ($8-12)

Archie Shepp, Raw Poetic, Damu the Fudgemunk

Ocean Bridges ($10)


And I Revel ($8-15)

Tamio Shiraishi

Sora ($10-15)

Shredded Nerve (Justin Lakes)

Shredded Nerve (name your price)
Whatever It Takes (name your price)


No Fun, No Way, No Fun (name your price)

Steve Silverstein

Six Studio Constructions ($1)
Twelve Piano Improvisations ($1)

Catherine Sikora & Brian Chase

untitled: after ($10)

Catherine Sikora & Matteo Liberatore

build a gold house to bury the devil ($5)

Six Six (Anthony Pirog & Luke Stewart)

Six Six ($6-9)

Matthew Shipp

Matthew Shipp Chamber Ensemble, The Gospel According To Matthew & Michael ($10-$15)
Matthew Shipp Trio, Root Of Things ($10-$15)

Sontag Shogun

It Billows Up LP ($10-$50 for vinyl + art book)
Patterns For Resonant Space LP ($10)

Tyshawn Sorey

Unfiltered ($10) // Sorey w/ Nathan Reising, Morgan Guerin, Lex Korten, Sasha Berliner, Nick Dunston
Tyshawn Sorey & Marilyn Crispell, The Adornment of Time ($11-14)
Verisimilitude ($11-14) // w/ Cory Smythe, Chris Tordini
The Inner Spectrum of Variables ($18-20) // w/ Cory Smythe, Chris Tordini, Kyle Armbrust, Fung Chern Hwei, Rubin Kodheli
Alloy ($11-14) // w/ Cory Smythe, Chris Tordini
Oblique​-​I ($11-14)

Snake Union / Chuck Bettis

Live at Roulette ($5)
Snake Union, Three Arrows ($8–10) // Snake Union (David Grant & Chuck Bettis) ft. Hisham Akira Bharoocha, Bonnie Jones, Heejin Jang, Matthew Regula
Chuck Bettis, Anxious Time of the Dying Sun ($5)

So Wrong It’s Right

Let Light Perpetual Shine ($5) // SWIR: Kalun Leung, David Whitwell, Felix Del Tredici, David Taylor

Speaker Music / DeForrest Brown, Jr.

Black Nationalist Sonic Weaponry (£7.99)
Percussive Therapy ($5) // HEADPHONES ON
of desire, longing (£7–£18)

Speaker Music & bookworms

As Serious As Your Life ($10)

Stars Like Fleas

DWARS Session: Live on Radio VPRO (Amsterdam) ($8)

 Luke Stewart

Luke Stewart Exposure Quintet (w/ Edward Wilkerson, Jr., Ken Vandermark, Jim Baker, Avreeayl Ra) ($10–27)
Gaps ($7) // luke’s new no input mixing board stuffs = !!!
Works for Upright Bass and Amplifier ($8)

SUNBURNSOUTYOUREYES (Brandons Seabrook & Lopez, Gerald Cleaver)


Sunk Heaven

Crimson Vapor And So Much More! ($10)
Y Serpentine ($7)
Where All Sides Collapse ($5-13)
Fey Devil ($5-7)

Mirrored Confines ($6)


Oor ($10-12)


Endgame Of The Anthropocene ($9)

TBHQ (Hazel Rigby)

Serf City ($7) // VENMO (@Hazel-Rigby)

TBHQ / Bentley Anderson (split)

Three Suns In Unison ($8; cassette only) // PAYPAL:


Gowanus Sessions II ($9-$13)

Christopher Tignor

A Light Below ($10-$30)
Along a Vanishing Plane ($10-30)

TiPPLE (Frode Gjerstad, Kevin Norton, David Watson)

Cartoon Heart ($10-15)

TONED (Corder, Suarez, Weeks)

The Private Sector ($10)


Condominium (name your price)
Demo (name your price)

Robert Turman

Solo Works 1976 – 1979
Veiling Reflections ($10)

Lindsay Tuttle / Surf Hair

WITCH HAIR [Lindsay Tuttle & P Wits] (name your price)
Surf Hair, Cassette Split w/ The Mainstream Media (name your price)

Umbrella Pine

Seven ($7-10)

Kalia Vandever

In Bloom ($10)

Flin van Hemmen

Casting Spells & The Coves ($12-16)

Raf Vertessen

SOLO 1 ($7)

Fay Victor

Barn Songs ($9-14) // w/ Marika Hughes, Darius Jones
Fay Victor’s SoundNoiseFunk, Wet Robots ($9-$13) // w/ Sam Newsome, Joe Morris, Reggie Nicholson

The Fay Victor Ensemble, The FreeSong Suite ($9) // w/ Anders Nilsson, Ken Filiano, Michael TA Thompson

Eli Wallace

Slideshow Junky I ($10-13)
Barriers ($8)

Eli Wallace & Ben Cohen

Evaporation ($10)


Just Like a Shark (name your price)

Keith Fullerton Whitman

GRM [Redactions] ($5)
Contemporary Drummer [Redactions] ($5)

Chris Williams

mehahn ($7)
Ske​.​tch ($2)
tehaessan EP ($6)

Nate Wooley

Battle Pieces ($10-$15)

Nate Wooley​ / Ken Vandermark

All Directions Home ($10)

Nate Wooley & Seymour Wright

About Trumpet and Saxophone (£5–£7)

Work Friends

Happy Hour ($7)


GUSHING ($3.33)
GUSHING remixes ($3.33)

Tal Yahalom

Strange Protagonists ($7)

Kwamii (Kwami Winfield)

Cold Tobacco (name your price) // VENMO (@groceriez)CA$HAPP ($groceriez)


WAHALA ($11) // Release includes a PDF of ‘The End Of Policing’ by Alex S Vitale.
Spirit Said Yes! (Deluxe Edition) ($8) // Release includes a PDF of ‘The End Of Policing’ by Alex S Vitale.

C. Spencer Yeh / Burning Star Core

Solo Violin West Coast USA 2017 ($5)
The RCA Mark II ($7-16)
Burning Star Core, Statue of Trust 2004​-​2007 ($7)

YoshimiO & Chuck Bettis

Live at The Stone ($5)

Katherine Young & Austin Wulliman (ft. Ensemble Dal Niente)

DILIGENCE IS TO MAGIC AS PROGRESS IS TO FLIGHT ($8 digital to $75 (4 tapes + artwork))

Michael Zerang / C. Spencer Yeh / Tashi Dorji

Zerang / Yeh / Dorji ($7)