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...idk i'll figure out how to make this ~bloggier~ looking again eventually lol sry, plz forgive ~TRANSITIONS~

2024-02-26: RIP half access; u were not gr8, but u were (in praise of the messy internet)

2024-01-25: drone party: on partiful & palantir (& 2024-02-05)

2023-11-16: closing tabs

2023-08-25: gr8 wknd mask up

2023-07-26: big tech big banks

2023-07-07: rent rollback

2023-check: organize & die / honor yr dead

2023-06-11: on access

2023-06-08: on summerstage

2023-check: on stickers & deferral

2023-05-06: on jordan neely