covid-19 resources + efforts

note: there are ~1 million mutual aid, grant, etc. lists; i’m just including stuff for/by musicians + venues, cuz… i’m one person & that’s what this site is? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mutual Aid

[WEDS] • 11am–2pm: Union Pool Pantry Wednesdays @ union pool, 484 union ave, bklyn // Rethink provides hot premade meals, UP provides pantry bags of nonperishable items (courtesy St. John’s Bread & Life, Crest Hardware)

[M/W/F] • 5pm: Non-perishable food & sanitary products @ the living gallery, 1094 broadway, bklyn


[M/W/F] • 1-5pm: DONATE: Non-perishable food & sanitary products @ the living gallery, 1094 broadway, bklyn // $ donations to @thelivinggallerybk

Grants + Financial Resources

[2020-07-01 note: stopped updating application acceptance status cuz stuff changes too quickly; sorry!! just cross your fingers & click through]


NYFA Emergency Resources Directory
NYFA Emergency Grants List
COVID-19 Freelance Artist Resources
Women Arts emergency funds link/list


ALJA (Afro Latin Jazz Alliance) Emergency Artist Fund | apply
Artist Relief Tree | apply
Arts Leaders of Color Emergency Fund | apply
CERF+ emergency assistance | submit inquiry
Dance/NYC Freelance Dance COVID-19 Relief Fund | apply
Early Music America Relief Fund
The Equal Sound Corona Relief Fund | apply
Foundation for Contemporary Arts COVID-19 Relief Fund
Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grants Program | apply
The Ghostlight Fund for Financial Recovery & Assistance

 The Mayer Foundation Economic Relief Grant | apply
Musicians Foundation
The New Music Solidarity Fund
• NYC Low-Income Artist / Freelancer Relief Fund for Low-Income, BIPOC, Trans/GNC/NB/Queer Artists
The South Asian Arts Resiliency Fund
The Soze Agency Artist + Activist Relief Fund


Actors Fund Emergency Financial Assistance // requires union membership
The AGMA Relief Fund | apply // requires union membership
The Lester Petrillo Memorial Fund for Disabled Musicians | apply // only mems of American Federation of Musicians


The Episcopal Actors’ Guild // requires unpaid bills, checking & savings account balances, tax returns…
The Jazz Exchange Relief Fund// accepting applications w/ only $3.3k raised, $500 from gofundme grant…?
Jazz Foundation of America
The Max’s Kansas Project Emergency Funding
• Patreon Covid-19 Artist Grant // on hold & they’re firing staff, so… // lol gone
• Recording Academy MUSICARES // “6 ‘commercially released’ recordings or videos … applicants required to investigate all other possible sources of aid.”
Sweet Relief Musicians Fund
 // encouraging applicants to start their own fundraisers affiliated w/ & giving a cut to sweet relief; funds dispersed to “third parties” (e.g., they won’t give you money for rent –– they’ll want your landlord’s address to send them the check)
Twenty Summers Emergency Arts Fund // you send them content, promote the content hosted on their platform, & then they redistribute donations…?

if using paypal, make sure it’s “family / friends” so they aren’t charged a fee // bolded & venmos are links // various means of support, including directly funding employees, memberships, & purchasing merchandise. incomplete (there are lotsa venues); if you’d like your venue &/or info added, use the submission form. i’ll rotate highlights, but here are a few small spots that could use your help:

Areté | GoFundMe (~$2.6k)
Downtown Music Gallery (buy musics!) | Paypal:
Flowers For All Occasions | Bartender Venmos: @UlaKinder • @DeanCercone • @Lily-Chambers • @Dooll-Chao • @Ben-Pagano-1 • @dixvdt (Katya) • @MelissaCha • @Dead_Guy (Tomi) • @laura-perez-harris • @TwinkleToadToes (Gigi) • @JentleThumb
The Living Gallery | GoFundMe ($410) // *providing community support*
The Record Shop
 (buy musics!) | Venmo: @benecoop | PayPal:
Thousands of Dead Gods (buy musics!)
Trevorshaus | Venmo: @trevorshaus // *providing community support*

[fundraising estimates updated 2020-07-01]

ABC No Rio [in Exile] [donate link on site]
| Gift Certificates & Employee Tips
Anyone Comics
Areté | GoFundMe (~$2.6k)
Babycastles | Subscribe to Twitch | Memberships
Bar Bayeux | GoFundMe (~$4.8k)

BarbèsBuy Records | GoFundMe ($30k+)
The Bell House | The Bell House & Union Hall Staff GoFundMe (~$43k)
Bowery BallroomBowery Ballroom & Mercury Lounge Staff GoFundMe (~$19k)
Brooklyn Bowl | Staff Relief Fund IndieGoGo (~$35k)
C’mon EverybodyVirtual Drinks & Community Support GoFundMe (~21k)
Cobra Club | staff venmo; specify CC or SJ @cobra-sweetjanes
Danspace Project
| Donate + Membership
 | Donate
The Deep End
| GoFundMe ($2.7k)
Downtown Music Gallery
 (buy musics!) | paypal
DROM | Drom Staff Relief GoFundMe (~$15k)

Elsewhere | Gift Cards | Staff Support Gofundme (~$49k)
El Taller Latino Americano
| [paypal link]
Flowers For All Occasions
| Bartender Venmos: @UlaKinder • @Lily-Chambers • @DeanCercone • @Dooll-Chao • @Ben-Pagano-1 • @dixvdt (Katya) • @MelissaCha • @Dead_Guy (Tomi) • @laura-perez-harris • @TwinkleToadToes (Gigi) • @JentleThumb (Jen)
Freddy’s | Support Freddy’s Staff GoFundMe (~$8k)
Good Room | Merch & Gift Cards | paypal @goodroombk | venmo @goodroombk
Greenwich House Music School
| Donate
Hart Bar
| GoFundMe ($1.8k)
| Patreon ($57/month; monthly donations *down*)
| Memberships | Cash App: $h0l0c4sh | @h0l0_nyc
House of Yes | Staff Support GoFundMe (~$44k)
Issue Project Room | Support
JACK | Donate
The Jazz Gallery
| Donate
The Kitchen
| Donate / Membership
Knitting Factory | Employee Fund GoFundMe (~$1.4k)
(le) poisson rouge | LPR Staff / Future Drinks GoFundMe (~$22.7k)
The Living Gallery 
| GoFundMe ($410) // *providing community support*
LunàticoGift Cards | Staff Relief GoFundMe (~$26.7k)
Magick City
| | Membership
Market Hotel | @markethotel
Max Fish 
| Employee Fund GoFundMe (~$25.3k)
Mercury Lounge | Bowery Ballroom & Mercury Lounge Staff GoFundMe (~$19k)
Metropolis Ensemble [Pop-up]
Donate, Membership, More
| Staff GoFundMe ($0)
National Sawdust
 | Donate | Membership
Nowadays | Virtually Nowadays memberships
Old Stone House in Brooklyn | Donate
Our Wicked Lady | Gift Cards | Staff Support GoFundMe (~$11.9k)
Outpost Artist Resources
 | Donate / Membership
The Park Church Co-op | Membership
Pioneer Works
 | Donate + Membership
The Record Shop 
| @benecoop | paypal
Rockwood Music Hall | Staff Support GoFundMe (~$13.2k)
Roulette | Donate + Membership
Saint Vitus | Staff Tip Jar @Saint-Vitus-Bar | SV Stays Home Kickstarter (closed; ~$130k!)

Soapbox Gallery
| Donate to Livestreams
Spectrum | paypal

Sunview Luncheonette | Donate / Subscribe
Thousands Of Dead Gods (buy musics!)
Threes Brewing
| Merch & Gift Cards
Trans-Pecos | @trans-pecos | Staff GoFundMe (~$5.5k)
 | @trevorshaus // *providing community support*
Triskelion Arts
| Family Fund GoFundMe ($4.5k)
Union Hall | The Bell House & Union Hall Staff Fund GoFundMe (~$43k)
Union Pool 
| Employee Support GoFundMe (~$29k) // *providing community support*

Support: (mostly!) NYC Music

bandcamp roundup

downtown music gallery • the record shop (dm)
thousands of dead gods
(discogs) • relative pitch records (recently bandcamp’d)

*massive* bandcamp roundup

Livestreaming Guide (Twitch)

Twitch Broadcast: Artist Guide // by Jeremiah Chiu of Lumpen Radio (

Twitch Broadcast: Artist Guide // by Jeremiah Chiu of Lumpen Radio (

Petitions & Surveys

NY State Senate S8125A + A10224A  for 90 day rent suspension & forgiveness
Contact Cuomo via Form1-518-474-8390 supporting passage of S8125
 + Petition to Suspend NYC Rent
• NY State Senate S.8190 / A.10318: Emergency Coronavirus Affordable Housing Preservation Act

NYC Office of Nightlife: Survey on Lost Income for Nightlife, Freelance, Businesses
Arts For Art COVID-19 Artist Impact Survey
Artists’ Literacies Institute COVID-19 Gig/Event Economy Survey [spreadsheet]