nyc noisecore

recently referred to some musician friends (who i def over-post) & sam “sam” hafferty promptly responded, “oh, right: nyc noisecore” // lol, but i also like “cores” –– as community, not exclusivity –– & it was a good reminder that the thing i’m best at is shamelessly & transparently promoting my own taste & friends ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ // this page = links to buy music from &/or donate to artists on @nyc_noise insta (so far, just listing some ppl i’ve posted at least 3x) // keep checking in + post links to your own (or others’) work here to be added to full bandcamp roundup.

if you’re even wondering if you can afford it, then you should GIVE MONEY TO ARTISTS // some locals have already been hit hard enough that they plan to leave the city; DONATE SO THERE ARE PPL / PLACES LEFT when we crawl out of the bunker // a great way to do this is to stop using spotify & pay real money for music; a slice of my collection’s here: [bandcamp] // not finger-wagging during a crisis if you legit can’t afford stuff (i feel you, am also #TeamMassiveDebt), JUST SAYIN // love u xoxo

jessica pavone

J. Pavone String Ensemble, Brick and Mortar ($12-14)

In the Action ($7)

TEACHING SITE // teaches (now obvs remotely) viola, violin, & piano // jessicapavone at gmail dot com for (reasonable) rates

brandon lopez


violent starts at the tongue ($10)

quoniam facta sum vilis ($5 at this link?!?!)

site // full-ish discography // instagram: @bantlopez // he might not like that i did this, but he’s one of my very faves & i don’t want him moving away, so please buy his music // if you paypal him, i’d recommend a note like “hush”

TEACHING // teaches (now obvs remotely) guitar, bass, “fretted instruments of all kinds, and :::improvisation:::” // b.ant.lopez at gmail dot com

weasel walter


Mary Halvorson & Weasel Walter, Opulence ($7)

The Flying Luttenbachers, Greatest Hits (name your price (rec $7+))

ugEXPLODE records // instagram: @weasel_walter // i mean… it’s weasel // also v worried about this one leaving town so go sift through ugEXPLODE & paypal



Rarities (2003​-​2016) (a classic; $20)

dreamcrusher MERCH is a secret handshake; dm them a selfie if you get a shirt // instagram: @drmcrshr // venmo $6.66 to @drmcrshr

avenue / mr. truelove

MY MURDER ($6-8)

instagram: @grossbeyonce // forgot how profoundly weird & great this is? but you should also hit their venmo @grossbeyonce just cuz

nicholas jozwiak

Nightingale’s Reasoning [Solo Cello] (name your price (rec $7+))

Peter Evans’ Being & Becoming ($12-25)

site // instagram: @nykjawz // yep, nick plays cello; “being & becoming” is pre-order // as of 3.15.20 he’s still working day-long restaurant shifts, but sh*t’s closing soon so buy solo or hit venmo @Nicholas-Jozwiak

samantha riott


Bloodletting ($7)

Rodenticide ($7)

site // instagram: @samantha.riott // nyc is already losing sam :'( maybe if you buy things she’ll visit sooner

c. spencer yeh


The RCA Mark II ($7-16)

Burning Star Core, Statue of Trust 2004​-​2007 ($7)

burning star core // instagram: @cspenceryeh // between two linked vid posts you can hear him do Every Thing // venmo: @cspenceryeh

leila bordreuil


Headflush ($7)

site // instagram: @variousartists_ // venmo: @LeilaBordreuil // leila had some long euro gigs lined up & they’re all gone now so send some $$