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During a pandemic-driven city-wide shutdown, a calendar of "events" needs to be something different.

​NYC NOISE now includes the following:
​1) A calendar of livestream links, with donation info for curators &/or performers;
​2) Links to releases from local artists + stores, so they might be supported directly;
​3) Resources related to COVID-19, including grants, petitions, venue donation list;
and is further associated with
​4) An Instagram account (​@nyc_noise) using a private archive of photographs & video to promote artists.

Aside from the dangers of the virus itself, piles of people & venues have lost their source(s) of income since COVID-19 hit the city. Given how many of us have already been paying rent by the skin of our teeth, deal with chronic illness, don't have a full-time employer to provide paid leave, etc., keeping NYC's creative communities intact will require direct government intervention, ideally in the provision of health care & the freezing of rent, mortgage, & utility payments. That said, I personally can't make decrees about those systemic changes... So this site gathers & provides resources at the level of individuals & communities.

NYC Noise has always been "location-based" in the sense that it's about what happens in NYC, but many in that creative community are from or based elsewhere––& if we're all switching to livestreams, delineating performances by geography doesn't make much sense. Musicians, curators, & organizations may submit calendar info for livestreams featuring experimental music regardless of the location of those curating / performing; be sure to include info for making donations!

That said, the site's primary investment is in specific communities, most members of which are based here. The Bandcamp Roundup is largely local experimental musicians, with case-by-case exceptions; please only submit Bandcamp links for recordings featuring NYC-based musicians. Releases will be rotated in & out of the main roundup page; a full list (minus embedded players) is available here.

[ON HOLD cuz WORLD] In the works is a directory for freelance work (remote teaching, mixing / mastering / production, grant-writing, etc.), & artists offering remote freelance services should be currently or recently based in NYC. Those who have chosen or been forced to move in the wake of COVID-19 will be included, but the goal is to keep people financially afloat in hopes that there’s something of a community left here when the worst is over.

If you have any expendable income, keep your eye on these listings for ways to put money into NYC's music scene, whether by buying records, donating to venues / individuals, paying for livestreamed events––or whatever else people come up with. Hit me up with your brilliant ideas, & follow @NYC_NOISE on Instagram for net-speak-riddled insight into what these performers do.

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