seCret loCation (4/1-4/30)

seCret loCation is run by pals who can’t have a public website, so i asked to store flyers here––you have to email me flyers tho!!!

for the address, email w/ subject line “WHERE IS CC”; if i’ve never heard from you before, convince me you’re not a cop ;) …i won’t give address without 1 non-cop fact about you!

2nd floor space; not wheelchair accessible.

send older flyers for (+ check out!) the <cc flyer archive>

<donate to cc / become a member>

apr 1:

apr 2-4: idk of anything

apr 5:

apr 6:

apr 7: [need flyer]

apr 8:

apr 9:

apr 10:

apr 11: possibly film thing?

apr 12: 
[placeholder / tour flyer confirmation that sword ii’s playing]

apr 13:

apr 14: [adonis presents, tba]

apr 15: [cc benefit, tba]

apr 16:

apr 17: idk

apr 18: [need flyer]

apr 19:[need flyer]

apr 20: [need flyer]

apr 21:

apr 22:

apr 23: [need flyer]

apr 24: [karaoke?]

apr 25:

apr 26: reminder to self, check & make sure u have this lineup right… it’s so pretty tho :’)

apr 27: [need flyer]

apr 28: [need flyer]

apr 29: [need flyer]

apr 30:
[placeholder, painted faces + mezzanine swimmers tour]