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seCret loCation [RIP]

MARCH 2022–JULY 2023

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old cc page copy


old cc page copy

[cc last night = july 1; donate to <gofundme> for new venue & collective member housing]

seCret loCation is run by pals who can't have a public website, so i asked to store flyers here! // for address, email w/ subject line "WHERE IS CC"; if i've never heard from you before, convince me you're not a cop ;)

this means give some sign that you are who you say you are & that person is not a cop; ex. = social media, personal website, profesh bio, photo credit, mention in article/flyer, pic of work or student ID, community membership, paystub or diploma from [not the nypd]. i appreciate ~creative submissions~ (e.g., documentation of crimes), but this should be easy if you have any history of non-cop jobs, education, artistic practice, activism, or social life; if u don't know how to show u aren't a cop, plz reflect on yr life choices!!! tho sometimes i just miss emails lol, feel free to follow-up :D

2nd floor space, step to restroom; not wheelchair accessible.

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