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current sections =
activism + labor: unions & orgs focused on labor practices, payment to artists, fighting gentrification
collectives / orgs / labels: includes artist collectives, radio ppl, community orgs
curators / series: curators doing cool semi-regular things!
all ages zones: spaces that are all ages & somewhere between fully-DIY / home venues / no-profit & nonprofits that seem to have decent practices

to-add =
disability: groups, spaces, curators who prioritize access & accessibility
programmers: ppl who can code & are building awesome sh*t


activism + labor

Artists Against Displacement (insta) // “AAD … seeks to amplify the demands of those whose lives and livelihoods are placed at risk by predatory development and resettlement … The group affirms that gentrification is not an inevitable effect of urban development, and refuses to let the work of cultural producers be instrumentalized towards the displacement of long-term residents and businesses.”
Bandcamp United (insta) // “The music and tech industries are at a juncture, and it’s time that we as workers have a seat at the table … Bandcamp United [is] a union comprising US-based workers across all departments at Bandcamp. We are affiliated with the Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU) Local 1010.”
The Coalition to Protect Chinatown and LES // “The Coalition to Protect Chinatown and LES is an association of community groups, elected officials, senior centers, small business, students, workers and families. We are uniting for fight displacement and take control of our community––Chinatown and the Lower East Side.”
Music Workers Alliance (insta) // MWA’s shared purpose is to empower music workers, by engaging in collective action to create a community where music is valued financially and culturally, and music workers benefit and achieve dignity in our lives.”
United Musicians & Allied Workers (insta) // “UMAW aims to organize music workers to fight for a more just music industry, and to join with other workers in the struggle for a better society. ”
W.A.G.E. (insta) // luv the ’08 WOMANIFESTO:

collectives / orgs / labels

• 3afak (insta) // party & music collective founded by sanna & bergsonist
abc no rio [in exile] (insta) // “collectively-run center for art and activism” founded in 1980, working on new space
arts for art (insta) // nonprofit for promotion & advancement of free jazz
Black Science Fiction (insta) // “a Black led creative experiment dedicated to the preservation of Black imagination”; founding & curation by imani dennison
canal street research association // founded by ming lin & alex tatarsky; maybe they have a “space” again??? need to check

• chaikin records // avant-garde label founded by brian chase, w/ monthly lot radio show & community events
die jim crow records (insta)// record label for prison-impacted artists
 ears to feed // music site + booking collective (insta) // queer-&-POC-friendly artist collective showcasing visual art, performance, & music w/ shows ft. live programming; also meetups & discord
• the lot radio // independent, non-profit, online radio station
melting point // collective raising funds for al otro lado & other migrant rights groups thru raves; less active since death of founder brytani caipa, torch sometimes carried by sibling zach (aka hatechild)
purple tape pedigree (PTP) // abolitionist & genre-obliterating artist collective & record label founded by Truest Head GENG
relative pitch (bcinsta) // curation by kevin reilly, also a heavy video archivist
sleeping giant glossolalia (bc | insta) // “The finest in hermetic sound and vision from around the world”

synth library (insta) // free lending library of synths, recording equipment, modular gear & more working to open access to ppl traditionally marginalized from these zones; seeking partners, started by cy x and heidi sabertooth

• voluminous arts (insta) // trans-led community resource hub, record label, & experimental arts performance series founded by gavilán rayna russom

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curators / series

• abasementmax fish artists space, soho, mnhtn // SOME (??) MONDAYScurated by rd mayson & j frivaldi
anthroapology @ newtown radio, greenpoint, bk // “flexible radio platform and afternoon hang” w/ i think live music?? hosted bycal fish
assembly @ sisters, clinton hill, bklyn // TUESDAYS (i think 3rd of month?), gr8 series curated by lester st. louis & luke stewart; 2023 monthly resident = nate wooley
austin sley julian (aka sunk heaven) // i don’t think austin has a dedicated page for curation stuffs yet, but it usually ends up on insta; v great/weird, lots around ridgewood / bushwick
brackish // “experimental multi-disciplinary concert series” curated by angela webber, starr busby, & [RIP] jaimie branch 
center for psychic technology (CfPT) // all over but legend for park gigs, curation by john pugh
cooler nights @ cara, west village, mnhtn // MONDAYS (july 17 to aug 14); brainchild of gavilán rayna russom of voluminous arts
ct::swam exchange @ fridman gallery // spatial sound works
emotional boys in the vip section | rate my praxis // lol i bet hafferty’s changed the name 20x since i added this to drafts years ago, need to check & update later… zoomer noise bookings, lots bushwick & ridgewood, diy & adjacent
ende tymes (insta) // “FESTIVAL OF NOISE & SONIC LIBERATION” by noiser bob bellerue & friends; scroll thru bios & pix from last year if u want new sounds
evil dentist // gr8 curation by Alice Gerlach & David Farrow (who i have cited on wikipedia, lolol), “seeks to reclaim space for unconventional, artist-run venues prioritizing community building over commerce”
false harmonics @ pioneer works
fire over heaven @ outpost artist resources, ridgewood, queens // curated by che chen in a big beautiful space
• gaucimusic improv @ main drag, williamsburg, bklyn // WEDNESDAYS avant-jazz marathon; size & frequency makes it session-adjacent, but good way to hear lots of jazzers in 1 fell swoop
heavy florals @ sisters, clinton hill, bklyn // alt months (next 9/6/23); curated by shara lunon,
This series promotes a space for people of color and their allies to express themselves and just exhale. It’s about building community in sound and joy.” :’)
• ingardens @ lower east side, mnhtn // arts for art series on SUNDAYS (july 9-aug 6), ft. world-class avant-jazzers playing free gigs for & with kids
invocation @ [?] // tough to find lineups… curated by eli wallace & drew wesely
jazz habitat @ el barrio’s artspace ps109 ?
the jmc // jordan michael iannucci (whose initials do not spell “jmc”???), books great stuff in unusual places (e.g. bridges, playgrounds, piers), sometimes at bizarro times (like SUNRISE SHOWS)
limited resources @ muchmore’s freddy’s, south slope, bk // THIRD WEDNESDAYS (w/ SATURDAY, 7/15 the last weekend exception), intimate weirdo times curated by chris libutti
phonotonic // “experimental/improvised music series supporting female, trans, and nonbinary musicians curated by leni kreienberg & samantha kochis
pool @ the record shop // curated by kevin murray & aaron rubinstein
satellite (insta) @ bar laika // deep experimentalist curation by sanna
serious music @ sundown, ridgewood, queens // SECOND TUESDAYS (til aug 8)] great curation by earnest shredder matt evans, who lets me hand out tenants’ rights flyers to assuage my guilt about hanging in a kermit-owned spot lol
• [matthew preira @] sisters (insta), clinton hill, bk // i can’t remember matt’s insta but wow killing the booking over there whew, including knowing when to tap other curators, like shara lunon, lester st. louis, & luke stewart!!
still/moving // wide-ranging series w/ genuinely unexpected pairings & voices, curated by amani
stone @ the new school // manhattan residencies, weekly WEDS THRU SAT
true love presents // gr8/weird stuff curated by sweet, who also sometimes books as gatebreaking or chaos warp
synthesis @ threes brewing, gowanus, bk //
WEDNESDAYS, curated by tal yahalom… but tough to find lineups!
vjoltron @ wonderville, bushwick, bk // SECOND MONDAYS experimental video performance series, curated by mike “videopunk” mazzotta

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all ages ~ZONES~

• 49 shade, crown heights, bk // private basement shows ft. excellent artists & impeccable vibes, org by taja cheek & ben chapoteau-katz & friends
411 kent (insta), williamsburg, bk // usual programming (co-curated by brandon lopez & david watson) easing up summer ’23 for bahauddin dagar’s 6-week residency, but keep watch; great habits of audience attention
aron’s, bushwick, bk// private apt zone for avant-jazz & noisers
artists space (insta), soho, mnhtn //
gallery & collective & performance space
come forever, williamsburg, bk // “public archives + public bathroom + mutual aid + masks required + soon to be public press”
cutelab (insta), gowanus, bk // community space + instrument building / shop

downtown music gallery (insta), chinatown, mnhtn // free weekly TUESDAY avant-jazz gigs in cozy basement record store run by bruce lee gallanter
ergot records (insta), east village, mnhtn // taste 4 days, now also a label; run by adrian rew
ibeam, gowanus, bk // simple member-owned space w/ well-lit (lol) avant-jazz shows
judson memorial church, the village, mnhtn //
church that doesn’t seem to have sold out yet?
noguchi museum, long island city, queens // museum & gardens
outpost artist resources, ridgewood, queens // home to fire over heaven
pageant (insta), williamsburg, bk // artist-run performance space “founded and operated by Sharleen Chidiac, Lili Dekker, Jade Manns, Owen Prum and Alexa West”
please y.s., chinatown, mnhtn // wide-ranging sounders at a private loft, curated by julia anrather & matteo liberatore
project reach, chinatown, mnhtn // community center; also apparently where the young punks hang??
property is theft (aka the pit; insta), williamsburg, bk // community space & record + bookstore, on-point positions & invested in access
red light district, rockaways, queens // “Far Rockaway’s Infamous Hub for Underground & Experimental music since 2008” –– DIY spot specializing in unique and experimental events on the outskirts of NYC for 15+ years 
++ bandcamp!
ridgewood presbyterian church (aka stone circle theatre), ridgewood, queens // i think we can salvage this one if we try!!!
secret project robot (insta), williamsburg, bk // art space founded by rachel nelson & erik zajaceskowski
skinny apartment, ridgewood, queens // literally a skinny apartment (lol) with chill vibes & weird art & friendly humans, tom knows what’s up
soup & sound, prospect lefferts gardens, bk // great curation + soup! most events @ home of andrew drury
sunview luncheonette, greenpoint, bk // collective, co-op, “micro-venue” & social club in the shape of a diner
synesthesia, bushwick, bk // private rooftop + loft space

the tubs, bushwick, bk // private basement for shredders, home to big scary indian
the record shop, red hook, bk // record shop run by sweetest peacekeeper bene coopersmith, lotsa avant-jazz/noise shows
thousands of dead gods (insta), bushwick, bk // tape shop & label & curators of rippingest noise, e.g. summer scum; run by matt boettke (scant) & justin lakes (shredded nerve)
trevorshaus, bushwick, bk // Actual Magic, home & creation of diy witch-wizard & sworn cop enemy haitlin

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chaos computer // gofundme + flyer archive


giant steps arts, home audio, new music lab, new york modular society, no flowers for yt powers, open ground, performance anxiety, refuge arts, renü, scenic, sleeping giant glossolalia, studiocho, tapeandcdrecords –– is rubulad (insta), bushwick, bk actually 21+?