submit shows / releases

new option to add / share events via google calendar [thanks to GREG TECHNOLOGY for making auto-filled gcal invite link, & max of for idea to have gcal submission option!!]


form below; even better than the form (which sometimes flubs & doesn’t forward to my inbox!) = send an email to with the subject line “EVENT [date]”. i only list gigs in the 5 boroughs; also welcoming livestreams, though now it’s narrowed to those w/ some kinda local (or arbitrary!) affiliation. please include text!!! if you just send a flyer then i have to type everything out myself, & half the time they’re illegible lol… looking for:

• date & time
optional: “xxx presents,” name of series/fest, etc.
• artists
• location (venue + address, url if livestream)
• age policy (e.g., all ages or 21+)
• accessibility info (e.g., wheelchair accessible or 2 flights stairs)
• link(s)
 to anything confirming the show (can include social media)


again, email > form!! with the subject line BANDCAMP ROUNDUPplease restrict links for the bandcamp (& more!) roundup to recordings featuring nyc-based musicians. include artist, title, price, link, & any fundraiser / benefit info in the body (or one of the text boxes below); i’ll pull embed codes myself if adding to bandcamp features. you can submit non-bandcamp releases, as long as there’s a link & an option to pay (f*ck spotify 4eva!!!).


if you’d like your info added to the venue donation list, please include a venue website (social media is fine); any gofundme, donation, or fundraiser links; &, if opting to provide venmo / paypal info, a link to public documentation that the venue is soliciting funds using those handles.

[ repeat: EMAIL’S EVEN BETTER! ]