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Use form below to submit livestream info regardless of the location of those curating / performing, but please restrict in-person show info to Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, & the Bronx. I’m feeling ambivalent about in-person shows, but for now am including; bonus points for hybrid events that are also streamed online!


Please restrict links for the Bandcamp (& more!) roundup to recordings featuring NYC-based musicians. Include artist, title, price range, link, & any fundraiser / benefit info in one of the text boxes below; I’ll pull embed codes if featuring on main roundup. You can submit non-Bandcamp releases, as long as there’s a link!


If you’d like your information added to the venue donation list, please include a venue website (social media is fine); any GoFundMe, donation, or fundraiser links; &, if opting to provide Venmo / PayPal information, a link to public documentation that the venue is soliciting funds using those handles.


LIVESTREAM SUBMISSION REQS // if you legit include everything, you can put it all in one big box 😀
this is an example site listing, w/ date/time, curator/performers, link to website / fb event page, link to livestream, donation info:

• 8pm: Arts For Art presents On_Line Salon: No Land / Joanna Mattrey / Luke Stewart (fb) @ fb live // donate: paypal + site

alternately, w/ subject “LIVESTREAM [date]”