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Please use form below to submit livestream info regardless of the location of those curating / performing. Be sure to include information for making donations!


Please restrict links for the Bandcamp roundup to recordings featuring NYC-based musicians; include artist, title, price (range), & link (I’ll pull embed code). You can also submit non-Bandcamp releases, as long as there’s a link! I’m making a separate list & will blast that after May 1.


If you’d like your information added to the venue donation list, please include a venue website (social media is fine); any GoFundMe, donation, or fundraiser links; &, if opting to provide Venmo / PayPal information, a link to public documentation that the venue is soliciting funds using those handles.


Compiling a directory for freelance work (remote teaching, mixing / mastering / production, grant-writing, etc.); artists offering remote freelance services should be currently or recently based in NYC. Those who have chosen or been forced to move in the wake of COVID-19 will be included, but the goal is to keep people financially afloat in hopes that there’s something of a community left when the worst is over. Submit directory info through form here.

Include website links in body of message.