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i sometimes post to insta stories asking for artists, bands, sound techs, etc. in ridgewood, queens, but i don't use insta/stories v consistently & forget that they disappear in 24 hours??? & then i can't see your answers??? it's dumb & anyway i have my own internet; let's have a neighborhood resource plz!!

send me your ridgewood recs!!! also accepting ridgewood-adjacent submissions, but especially for sound techs & stuff, v looking for people who live ~in the neighborhood~… especially if they're open to doing sound at the church!!


~sound ppl~ (techs!)

[i should prolly ask people before i list the neighborhood they live in, right??? right]

artists + bands

[i should prolly ask people before i list the neighborhood they live in, right??? right]

bookers + curators


ridgewood venues

…okay this should be safe!!! but need to double-check venue links/info; for now just grabbing a few from my biiiig (/ outdated) venue list... TO-DO: prolly should have website, socials, age policy, accessibility info (msg anna!!), address—also maybe make/embed a google map ?? tho never of ~dm host~ spots

bar freda (insta) // 21+; 801 seneca ave, ridgewood, queens
the box factory // all ages; 1519 decatur st. → is this giant/evil? internet looks hmmm
cypress cafe // all ages; 17-02 stanhope st.

 the footlight underground (insta) // 21+ @ the windjammer, 552 grandview ave
gottscheer hall // ridgewood
• // 1868 putnam, ridgewood, queens → is this still a thing??
• h0l0 (insta) // 1090 wyckoff ave
joseph f. mafera park // all ages; 65th pl. & shaler ave → the jmc does stuff here!
the keep // 205 cypress ave

linnea's backyard // all ages prolly; [dm hosts] ridgewood → idk them but june bill looked good!
nha minh // all ages; 9-15 wyckoff ave (right next to trans-pecos)

• nowadays (fb) // 56-06 cooper ave
• outpost artists resources // all ages; 1665 norman st. → beautiful space + home to che chen's "fire over heaven" series, v v good
pari passu gallery // all ages; 56-11 catalpa ave
[RIP] planet x // 801 seneca ave → this opened ~10 mins before the pandemic oops
queens brewery // 21+; 1539 covert st.
ridgewood garden // all ages; 864 shaler ave → the people who made this zone don't *encourage* music, but du.0 & other new music-y friends did a daytime gig & they were v chill about it!

ridgewood presbyterian church // all ages; 59-14 70th ave → *i* do stuff here!!! e.g. 7/17 & 8/13; renovations are fiiinally ending (hurrayyyy) so if you wanna do a thing here, email w/ subject line "CHURCH BOOKING INQUIRY" & let's see if we can make it happen!!!
• skinny apt // all ages prolly??; [dm hosts] ridgewood // idk who lives here these days, haven't been since it was home to david drucker & the og ~ridgewood rippers,~ but i ran into tuttles on the train recently & she was crashing there & they still have shows wooo
sundown bar // 21+; 68-38 forest ave
superchief gallery // 16-28 jefferson ave → is this a thing??
• trans-pecos (fb) // all ages; 9-15 wyckoff ave
trinity reformed church // all ages; 66-30 60th pl.
tv eye (fb) // 21+; 1647 weirfield st.
• the windjammer // 21+; 552 grandview ave

within-2-blocks-of-ridgewood venues

99 scott studio // 99 scott ave, e. williamsburg, bklyn
• elsewhere (fb) // 599 johnson ave, east williamsburg, bklyn → yeah elsewhere is technically 1.5 blocks from ridgewood???
knockdown center (fb) // 52-19 flushing ave, maspeth, queens
toda // 896 wyckoff, 2nd fl., bushwick, bklyn
• trash bridge // all ages; great outdoor zone near honey's, e. williamsburg, bklyn