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i get lots of DMs asking “is there an nyc noise for [city]??” & hey GOOD QUESTION; if you know of an experimental / avant / improv / noise / etc-focused show calendar, please send it my way! && i know genre delineations are bs, but not looking for big gigantor sites that include *all* music events; hurray for curation + community <3 also including other small nyc lists yayyy

the bay // Experimental, Improvised, Noise, Electronic, Free-Jazz, Avant Garde, Modern Composition, and Other Forms of Contemporary Sound in the San Francisco Bay Area” // curated by i think john lee tho i need to check that // venues incl. bird & beckett, ccrma, center for new music, the lab, the laundry, various mills zones, temescal

chicago // jazz realmz! // curated by tushar samant // note: there’s a *new* “now is” on the horizon! link goes to; site’s supposedly still “under construction” but hey it’s already fancier than mine lol // venues incl. constellation, elastic, the hideout, the hungry brain


go out! // music, dance, opera, theater, performance (& even some food recs!); recent music picks mostly soundscape-y / site-specific / soundwalk stuffs, but that might be because works that are safe *&* in The World *&* worth attending are that way right now? // list curated & (v thoroughly/helpfully annotated!) by barry michael okun // recent “venues” include green-wood cemetery, central park, brooklyn botanic garden

extended techniques // “new music” + contemporary classical + jazz zones // list curated by alex minkin, who usually recs ~30 events/month; leans a liiittle fancier than me, but i def check this to make sure i’m not missing anything important cuz it’s solid! // venues incl. barbés, dimenna center, the jazz gallery, roulette, the stone, zürcher

kevin reilly // kevin runs relative pitch records, a “NYC-based independent record label specializing in avant-garde, free jazz, free improvisation, experimental” musics, & his monthly email recommendations are very in-line with the kinda music he puts out (& documents on his youtube channel) // he’s mostly stopped sending those during the pandemic, but if you wanna make sure you get any future mailings you can write him: // he also v helpfully used to include a pdf of monthly listings from the…

new york city jazz record // …jazz! they include listings at the end of every (monthly) issue

nonsense nyc // weekly mailing list: “a discriminating resource for independent art, weird events, strange happenings, unique parties, and senseless culture in New York City.” // curated by jeff stark! to yr inbox every friday // very explicitly not for events that are “just music,” but hell interdisciplinary / rule-of-3-style stuff is becoming more the norm anyway // you can donate here & also the FAQ-style “about” page is really excellent, i would like to copy large chunks of it lol // jazz + new music + contemporary classical zones // curated by sarah vallee; found out about this one thanks to bruce at downtown music gallery, who framed sarah as being a big fan of ribot, zorn, & others in the ~downtown~ scene // it’s a google calendar, so if you use that i think you can directly import her shares!