who performed (at the nyc noise show)

hurray for people who make GOOD ART. underlined names link to socials or site; dates in bold link to show-specific pages with full bios, pictures, bandcamps, etc. i’ll eventually backdate for past gigs as well, so check ’em out & give them $$$ for their musix!!!

UPDATE: okay now they’re not all “nyc noise presents” shows; i’m bringing other curators to the [ridgewood presbyterian] church, & those shows are gonna go here too!! :D

[EXPERIMENT] IF YOU TAKE PIX/VID, i’m finally starting a NYC NOISE SHOW SHARES google drive folder where you can share yr documentation!!! stuff you upload will use your google drive space, so shoot me an email w/ subject line “GOOGLE DRIVE UPLOADS” if you want me to quickly download / remove your version / re-upload using my own space; alternately, you can send things through wetransfer or the like & i can upload myself. (i haven’t tried this before, we’ll see how it goes??? plz email thoughts on better ways to source documentation!!)


2022-09-18 PTP PRESENTS @ ridgewood presbyterian church

— Swaya
— Protect The Peace Quartet (Dis Fig, Dreamcrusher, King Vision Ultra, TBA)
— Among the Rocks and Roots

luv ptp!!! check out their releases (bc), read up (wiki) on their work, get psyched

2022-08-13 nyc noise x tripticks tapes @ ridgewood presbyterian church [drive folder for pix/vids]

— Kirin McElwain
— Johann Diedrick & Temar France
— Nava Dunkelman & Chuck Bettis
— Matteo Liberatore
— Nat Baldwin / Stella Silbert / Webb Crawford

2022-08-03 @ trans-pecos

— Kwami Winfield
— Patrick Holmes
— Mariel Roberts
— Alec Goldfarb
— Lesley Mok

2022-07-17 @ ridgewood presbyterian church

— Julia Santoli w/ Tamio Shiraishi
— M Lamar
— azumi O E & Tim Dahl
— C. Spencer Yeh

2022-07-07 nyc noise & friends @ seCret loCation

— Luke Stewart & Jarvis Earnshaw Quartet (w/ Ryan Sawyer, Devin Waldman)
Crazy Doberman
— Male Aggression (Heidi Lorenz, aka Octonomy)

2022-07-06 @ trans-pecos

Crazy Doberman
Laura Cocks & Weston OlenckiMusic for Two Flutes with More Than Two Flutes (ft. Madison Greenstone, Leo Chang, Yuma Uesaka, Ka Baird)
Big Scary Indian
Mark Morgan

2022-06-01 @ trans-pecos

Brandon Lopez
Soless Dialtone
Mercury Symbol

2022-05-04 @ trans-pecos

Ka Baird & MV Carbon
Patrick Holmes & Jessica Pavone
Julia Santoli & Tamio Shiraishi
Patrick Higgins

–––– 2021 ––––

2021-12-04 @ trans-pecos

Leila Bordreuil & Tamio Shiraishi
Nava Dunkelman & gabby fluke-mogul
Kwami Winfield & C. Spencer Yeh (~vantage~ changes partway thru vid oooh)

2021-08-12 @ irl

Lester St. Louis
Brian Chase & Manami Mizumoto
Nat Baldwin & Amanda Irarrázabal

2021-08-10 @ irl

lopezlopez (Brandon Lopez & Cecilia Lopez) ft. Amanda Irarrázabal
Ryan Sawyer & Steve Gunn

2021-08-05 nyc noise x center for psychic technology @ satellite art club

Amanda Irarrázabal & Tamio Shiraishi
Brandon Lopez
Michael Foster & Ben Bennett
— Ma Dai 麻袋(Gill Arno + LeLe Dai)