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hurray for people who make GOOD ART. underlined names link to socials or site; (most) dates in bold link to show-specific pages with full bios, pictures, bandcamps, etc. i'll eventually backdate for past gigs as well, so check 'em out & give them $$$ for their musix!!!

UPDATE: these are not all "nyc noise presents" shows; i brought in other curators when the ridgewood presbyterian church thing was happening, & have included some of those shows here too! :D

[EXPERIMENT] IF YOU TAKE PIX/VID, i'm occasionally throwing up an NYC NOISE SHOW SHARES google drive folder where you can share yr documentation!!! stuff you upload will use your google drive space, so shoot me an email w/ subject line "GOOGLE DRIVE UPLOADS" if you want me to quickly download / remove your version / re-upload using my own space; alternately, you can send things through wetransfer or the like & i can upload myself. (i haven't tried this before, we'll see how it goes??? plz email thoughts on better ways to source documentation!!)


2022-11-10 Clangers @ ridgewood presbyterian church
— Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson & the USA Clangers (w/ Jonathan Pfeffer, Liz Meredith, Shayna Dunkelman)
— Madison Greenstone
— Kwami Winfield

2022-11-06 Henry Fraser & Lester St. Louis @ ridgewood presbyterian church

2022-11-03 Relative Pitch Records x NYC Noise @ ridgewood presbyterian church
— Sakina Abdou
— Nava Dunkelman
— Michael Foster / Joe Moffett / Eli Wallace
— Tamio Shiraishi & Marie Carroll

2022-10-27 Center For Psychic Technology @ ridgewood presbyterian church
— Sweater On Polo
— Haitlin
— Skinkitten

2022-10-08 Mercury Symbol x NYC Noise @ ridgewood presbyterian church
— Evicshen
— Centennial Gardens (Dreamcrusher x King Vision Ultra)
— Jadelain
— Mercury Symbol
— Nullobite
— Polly Urethane

2022-10-02 NYC Noise presents @ trans-pecos
— Saturn Lavender
— Holy Wisdom LLC
— Tamio Shiraishi
— Kwami Winfield
— Lee Hodel
— God Is My Co-Pilot

2022-09-29 Mesma x Legitime @ ridgewood presbyterian church (RA)
— More Eaze
— Ohyung
— Omar Ahmad
— The Poet Engineer

2022-09-18 PTP PRESENTS @ ridgewood presbyterian church
— Swaya
— Protect The Peace Quartet (Dis Fig, Dreamcrusher, King Vision Ultra, TBA)
— Among the Rocks and Roots

luv ptp!!! check out their releases (bc), read up (wiki) on their work, get psyched

2022-08-13 nyc noise x tripticks tapes @ ridgewood presbyterian church [drive folder for pix/vids]
— Kirin McElwain
— Johann Diedrick & Temar France
— Nava Dunkelman & Chuck Bettis
— Matteo Liberatore
— Nat Baldwin / Stella Silbert / Webb Crawford

2022-08-03 NYC Noise presents @ trans-pecos
DANIEL CARTER DUOS NIGHT! Daniel Carter with...
— Kwami Winfield
— Patrick Holmes
— Mariel Roberts
— Alec Goldfarb
— Lesley Mok

2022-07-17 NYC Noise @ ridgewood presbyterian church
— Julia Santoli w/ Tamio Shiraishi
— M Lamar
— azumi O E & Tim Dahl
— C. Spencer Yeh

2022-07-16 – Black Science Fiction (insta) @ ridgewood presbyterian church
(this event was ALL IMANI, the first curator we brought to the church... & also when i learned we would need to get there *early* for clean up, woof! BSF crew rolled with many punches during church renovation, *champion crew*)
— Organic Sounds of the Black Mind (led by Matthew Jamal)
— keiyaA
— Boomscat
— Aquiles Navarro
— Davia Spain
— Sounds by Bryce

2022-07-07 nyc noise & friends @ seCret loCation
— Luke Stewart & Jarvis Earnshaw Quartet (w/ Ryan Sawyer, Devin Waldman)
Crazy Doberman
— Male Aggression (Heidi Lorenz, aka Octonomy)

2022-07-06 NYC Noise presents @ trans-pecos
Crazy Doberman
Laura Cocks & Weston OlenckiMusic for Two Flutes with More Than Two Flutes (ft. Madison Greenstone, Leo Chang, Yuma Uesaka, Ka Baird)
Big Scary Indian
Mark Morgan

2022-06-01 NYC Noise presents @ trans-pecos
Brandon Lopez
Soless Dialtone
Mercury Symbol

2022-05-04 NYC Noise presents @ trans-pecos
Ka Baird & MV Carbon
Patrick Holmes & Jessica Pavone
Julia Santoli & Tamio Shiraishi
Patrick Higgins

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2021-12-04 – NYC Noise presents @ trans-pecos
Leila Bordreuil & Tamio Shiraishi
Nava Dunkelman & gabby fluke-mogul
Kwami Winfield & C. Spencer Yeh (~vantage~ changes partway thru vid oooh)

2021-08-12 – NYC Noise presents @ irl
Lester St. Louis
Brian Chase & Manami Mizumoto
Nat Baldwin & Amanda Irarrázabal

2021-08-10 – NYC Noise presents @ irl
lopezlopez (Brandon Lopez & Cecilia Lopez) ft. Amanda Irarrázabal
Ryan Sawyer & Steve Gunn

2021-08-05 – nyc noise x center for psychic technology @ satellite art club
Amanda Irarrázabal & Tamio Shiraishi
Brandon Lopez
Michael Foster & Ben Bennett
— Ma Dai 麻袋(Gill Arno + LeLe Dai)