faves = noise, jazz, avant-whatever, experiments & improvisations, “new music,” punks, sludge, radicals, queers, collectives, Nice Pals, prison abolition & palestinian liberation // check ticket prices; i add “$$” if i notice it’s ≥$30


(hopefully eventually some money??? i would love to be a person who does not get overdrawn bank account notices!! :D but uhhh as of 12/1/22, we aren’t there yet lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

nyc noise is an experimental/avant-xx music calendar (not just noise music!) featuring a wide range of genres, for whatever “genre” is worth to you: yes noise, “electronic,” free / avant / even some cap-J jazz, contemporary classical, all things improvised, ambient, post-[whatever], glitchy techno, avant-metal, trashy art rock, performance pieces… arbitrary curation = what i like + what my friends, friendishes, & acquaintances like &/or (hopefully “&”) are playing. all events in brooklyn, manhattan, queens, the bronx, or (it finally happened!!) staten island; links provided for everything so you don’t need to take my word for it & can easily find tickets / confirm details.

[note: i include some fully-dj’d house/techno/club events, but resident advisor is a better resource for those!]

beyond the calendar of events + livestreams, the site also has a bandcamp roundup (with links to buy releases from local artists + stores) and [some now pretty outdated] resources related to COVID-19, including grants, petitions, and a venue donation list; there’s also an instagram (​@nyc_noise) including daily calendars (literally just screenshots of this site, posted whenever) & images/video of performers playing upcoming events. content warning for net speak & pictures from a busted cell.

i give 2 links when possible: venue/promoter/artist + facebook (black “fb” if 2nd); ideally this site helps you avoid socials, but those links are sometimes more up-to-date. calendar’s updated on a daily basis, w/ events usually double-checked day-of. it’s hard to keep track of stuff, so help is VERY EXTRA GREAT! the site has a submission form, or, even better, you can email me at contact@nyc-noise.com; use the subject “EVENT [date]” and include the date & time, artists, venue/address, age policy, & link(s).

if you use the site regularly—or are just feeling generous! or have money!—consider donating via paypal or venmo (include a note that you’re heading over from the site so i can feel warm/fuzzy). inbox gets a little overwhelming, so apologies if i take a while to respond; if i seem to have forgotten to add something, feel free to poke at me again!


p.s. mostly-solo venture, but be V GRATEFUL for paul feitzinger, percussionist / pal / linguistics research scientist / ham radio operator / Computer Person! his ~big contribution~ was the top-of-page calendars; if you wanna see how annoying the site was before, head to october 2018 & check out the lineup for the 10/25/18 liturgy opera—but actually DON’T, just try & then give up bc there are hundreds of events & no shortcuts to individual dates ahhh

early-pandemic “about” page

(some of that page is still relevant, but also… not…? fall 2021; SH*T’S STILL WEIRD)

“Aside from the dangers of the virus itself, piles of people & venues have lost their source(s) of income since COVID-19 hit the city. Given how many of us have already been paying rent by the skin of our teeth, deal with chronic illness, don’t have a full-time employer to provide paid leave, etc., keeping NYC’s creative communities intact will require direct government intervention, ideally in the provision of health care & the freezing of rent, mortgage, & utility payments. That said, I personally can’t make decrees about those systemic changes… So this site gathers & provides resources at the level of individuals & communities.”